Drink More Water Daily:

Do you have a habit to drink plenty of water daily? Most American people don’t have the habit to drink enough water to stay hydrated. National Cancer Institute’s Food Attitudes and Behaviors Survey in 2013 discovered that almost 78% of people didn’t take enough water in a day. In fact, the human body is up to 60% of water and human beings need to drink more water to maintain body hormones and fluid balance. It will ease the movement of nutrients, while it regulates digestion process, body temperature, and several other tasks.

It is the easiest and best way to drink plenty of water by carrying some water bottles wherever you go. It is better for you to buy some shatterproof and lasting durable water bottles rather than buying a new water bottle daily. Using disposable water bottles is a bad idea as it is harmful to the environment and human health as it leaches toxins like BPA to your potable water. On the other side, glass-made bottles are best that don’t let chemicals to leach your water, while it maintains the actual taste of your water. The Coldest Water Bottle is the best due to lasting durability, re-usability and free of all toxins and BPA elements. Anyhow, there are some specific benefits of carrying these water bottles all day and drink plenty of water.


Weight Loss:

Drinking plenty of water from your water bottle will overcome random cravings and controls hunger pangs. It will also boost up body metabolism quickly. The study has proved that people having a habit to drink more water will experience a huge loss of weight compared to the people having small water intake. Secondly, it is fine to have water when you are on go when you are feeling thirsty. So, you will have no need to add soda and other drinks. Further, you can add some fruit flavors into the water to meet your thirst and make your potable water tasty.

Prevention of Strokes & Heart Attack Risk:

Proper hydration can prevent blood clots that will result in jeopardize oxygen supply. It also releases an excessive amount of salt from the human body and maintains blood pressure. It will help you to prevent strokes and heart attack. So, it is imperative to carry a water bottle along with you always.


Skin Health & Glow:

Skin is the biggest organ of the human body. Consistent and enough drinking water will maintain the texture and elasticity of the skin. It helps the cells to work properly. Maintaining hydration will also support the skin in regulating body temperature through sweating. You can make skin glow by drinking water at regular intervals from your reusable water bottle.

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Joint Health:

Water keeps cartilage soft and hydrated around joints. If the cartilage is hydrated, it will ease your joints to move. You can consider water as the best lubricant for your joints. Always carry a water bottle with you to achieve this goal especially in old age.

Perfect Water Bottle


Headache Prevention:

Dehydration results in muscle fatigue and headache, while it may also reduce brain capacity for short term memory. Shortage of water or simply dehydration will reduce the amount of blood in the body. It compels your heart to beat and pump the blood harder to provide oxygen-carrying cells to muscles. Dehydration is the start will cause dizziness, consistent irritation, and headache. It may develop exhaust and clumsy conditions. Eyesight will fade, while dehydration in the final stage will cause vomiting and nausea. You may experience death or coma without water. To avoid the headache problem, keep drink water regularly from your stainless steel reusable water bottle.

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Hydrate the Human Body:

Drinking plenty of water will keep your body hydrated and it can improve cognitive ability and brain functions. It also maintains your energy level throughout the day. It is important to drink up to 8-10 glasses of water if the weather gets warmer. Water will become plain after taking some sips consistently opposite to soda and sports drinks. You can add some your favorite flavors of vegetables, fruits and herbs to change its taste form plain feeling. It will help you to drink more water for a standard hydration level. You can carry infused water easily in your reusable water bottle to stay healthy.