Here’s why you should not leave a plastic bottle of water in your car! It’s extremely dangerous.

It’s a normal habit we all do! When we go by car, we always take with us a water bottle. And this simple bottle could ignite a fire in your vehicle!

The Plastic Water Bottle Fires:

While working on a 37-degree summer day in Boise, Idaho, Dioni Amuchastegui was frightened!

He had left a plastic bottle of water in the front seat of his truck by mistake. He described, “I was taking brunch, sitting in my truck. I started to notice smoke in the corner of my eye. I looked at where the smoke came from and realized that the light was coming from the bottle that was starting to ignite the car seat. ”


Is A Plastic Bottle that Catches Fire? Impossible!

Of course, when he told his colleagues what he had just experienced, they kindly mocked him and said it was impossible.

So, Dioni, who works in an electric company decided to reiterate the experience, but with a colleague who would supervise the whole thing. So he filmed the scene a minute-long video and posted it on the company’s Facebook page. This video was viewed more than 350,000 times!

He briefs that “a plastic bottle filled with clear water acts like a lens that concentrates the energy of the sun’s rays on a particular bridge.”

Firefighters of the Company Tried The Experiment:

An Oklahoma fire station also replicated the experiment to assess the dangers.

One of them explains: “It would not take very long to start a fire if the conditions are right. It depends on the intensity of the light. It’s not a story of air temperature. It’s the same principle of loupes that you use as a child to burn leaves. The accident can only take place with clear liquids.

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Why Should Not You Drink Bottled Water Left In The Sun?

The question may seem secondary, but one point is important to address!

If you leave a bottle of water in the sun (or in the surrounding heat), know that more than 24,000 toxic chemicals are contained in plastic. The more intense the heat, the more these particles will melt and disperse in the water you will drink that is dangerous for the health.

Prefer to invest in a good Stainless Steel Water Bottle that will be reusable, more economical, more ecological, and good for your health!


Exciting Advantages of Using The Coldest Water Bottles

About The Coldest Water:

Coldest Water Bottle has become a top US brand that supports you to hydrate in your indoor and outdoor life activities in a variety of ways. It reduces the burden to your wallet if you are fond of bottled water. So, your health sustainability will also be expensive. This is the time to switch Reusable Water Bottles that are easy to be refilled several times a day with healthy, pure and filter water. The Coldest Water makes a wide array of reusable bottles in different sizes, designs, and portable specs. Sure, reusable bottles will cut off bottle cost, while you can use water from your own filter to fill out your bottle and go anywhere with it.

Key Benefits:

Reusable bottles come with ample of inspiring features. Some key advantages of these bottles are;


Plastic waste and water bottles usually take 400 years to be decomposed naturally. So, Reusable Water Bottles will stop quick landfill by plastic bottles and save the money of people using bottled water to drink. You don’t have any need to throw your reusable bottles made by “The Coldest Water”. You can use these bottles as long as you want.

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Makes Drinking Easy:

If you carry a reusable bottle to have pure and healthy water, you can move anywhere without finding some shops and buy water bottles. These reusable bottles will also support you to keep drinking water regardless of where you are going. These products give easy and direct access to drinkable water throughout an outdoor trip.

Completely Affordable:

Reusing water bottles will minimize the total cost needed to purchase filtered water bottles. If you use Reusable Water Bottles, you will cut off the daily expenses you often need to meet your drinking needs. In fact, these bottles are very affordable and you have to pay once for many consecutive years of use.


Totally BPA Free:

Reusable water bottles are health-friendly and these are best for your families. Sure, the quality, durability, designs, capacity, and size of these bottles carry value for you. Further, these water bottles are 100% BPA free and Lead-free that is an integral factor for your overall health.

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