Your Last Water Bottle

A COLDEST Water bottle is your Last Water Bottle and we mean it.

Our core mission is to build the best COLDEST products to last forever. So you never need to throw it away. Reusability while using sustainable materials is at the heart of everything we do and build.

Committed to Sustainability

Over 500 billion plastic bottles are used each year! The average american uses 156 plastic bottles.

At COLDEST, we are diverting the equivalent of 62,400,000 million+ plastic water bottles each year!

Climate Partner


Carbon Neutral Offset

Did you know?

Global plastic waste generation more than doubled from 2000 to 2019 to 353 million tonnes.

6.1 million tonnes (Mt) of plastic waste leaked into aquatic environments and 1.7 Mt flowed into oceans. (2019)

Plastics account for 3.4% of global greenhouse gas emissions.


COLDEST Pledge to the Climate

If you own a COLDEST Water bottle, you helped fund green projects like this Wind Energy Farm in Mersin, Turkey.

Our Green Initiatives

We partner with green projects around the world to offet our carbon footprint making our products 100% carbon neutral. The first project that we have specifically funded from COLDEST purchases is this Wind Farm Project in Mersin, Turkey.

The main purpose of this project activity is to generate electricity from a Mersin Wind Farm Project and to increase the supply of renewable energy to the Turkey national grid. Galata Wind Enerji A.S. has installed Mersin Wind Farm Project with an installed capacity of 62.7 MWm in the Mut district in the province of Mersin.

The wind farm consists of 20 turbines that 14 of them have 3.0 MW capacity and 6 of them have 3.45 MW capacity. The license of the project was issused by Energy Market Regulatory Authority. The expected electricity generation is 208,067 MWh per year. By replacing fossil fuel-based electricity generation, the project saves about 116,430 tonnnes of CO2 annually, the total emission reduction of 783,322 tonnes of CO2 for the second crediting period. The project operational lifetime is 49 years. The total estimated annual electricity generation of the project is calculated as 208,067 MWh/yr with 20 turbines.

Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Affordable and Clean Energy

Increasing the share of renewable energy and contributing to Turkey's energy self-sufficiency

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Creation of new jobs for the construction and operation of the wind farm

Climate Action

The project saves around 116,430 tons of CO 2 /year

Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality means that the carbon footprint of a company, product, service or event has been calculated on the basis of internationally recognised standards and fully offset by supporting certified carbon offset projects.

ClimatePartner's label "carbon neutral" certifies that residual greenhouse gas emissions have been offset. For the sake of legibility, all emissions are referred to as CO2 emissions and measured in tonnes of CO2. By this, we mean CO2 equivalents, i. e. all relevant greenhouse gases.

Offsetting CO2 emissions is an important step in effective climate action, alongside avoidance and reduction. ClimatePartner recommends companies establish and act on CO2 avoidance and reduction plans as a continuous process, and supports them in corresponding strategies. For example, by supporting in defining science based reduction targets, or switching to renewable energy.