Frightened by the amount of plastic waste that has invaded the oceans, the European Commission proposed a series of measures to try to drastically reduce the use of disposable objects, from cotton swabs to fishing equipment. According to Rethink Plastics, an NGO alliance for a plastic-free future, 46 billion single-use plastic bottles are consumed each year in the EU. To reduce your use of plastic, one of the simplest things to do is to bring a reusable bottle of water.

This pro-environment decision; however, comes with a big asterisk. Although it is better for the planet to invest in a reusable bottle, if you do not clean it regularly, you may accumulate rather unpleasant bacteria.

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Do Not Bring Your Water Bottle to the Toilet:

Dr. Andrew Singer, the Senior Researcher at the Center for Ecology and Hydrology, told the colleagues in English News HuffPost that there is a good chance that a combination of “oral” and “environmental” bacteria will appear, including viruses that remain in your bottle if you do not clean it regularly. It could be due to poor personal hygiene habits such as not washing your hands after using the toilet or even taking your reusable bottle to the bathroom with you.

When flushing, toilet water becomes volatile and a fraction of the droplets of water can flow on and into your water bottle, which is the most likely reason for the presence of water. In sugary drinks, bacteria proliferation tends to be faster than in water, so be sure to clean your bottle even deeper if you drink juice, for example.

For those who choose or need to use straws or spouts, Dr. Singer explains that these extra pieces retain more moisture and are harder to clean – so be very careful.


Environmentally Friendly Tips for Keeping your Water Bottle Clean:

Although you are using a reusable bottle, if it is not maintained (unfortunately) not clean by itself. It is absolutely imperative to clean your bottle every day, as you would with utensils, dishes and coffee cups. It means not to leave it on your desk and just fill it in from time to time.

Here are some simple and environmentally friendly tips for keeping your bottle clean:

While most brands of reusable bottles recommend using soapy water to clean your bottle (not all of them are dishwasher safe), you can also use other kitchen tools to do the job.

Baking soda is an excellent durable cleaning agent, allowing a good household. If not, other good stuff, mix one cup of water with 1-2 tablespoons of white vinegar and leave the solution in your reusable bottle overnight. Some brands, such as Coldest Water, also sell Water Bottle Accessories for deep cleaning of bottles. You can buy them with the purchase of a reusable bottle.


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