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There are Several Reasons that you should Prefer Reusable Water Bottles:

Do you know human is making bigger islands (just like big cities) on the surface of oceans every year by collecting billion tons of waste? These islands are just heaps of trash. The bigger proportion is made by plastic which means that this trash will take several thousand years to decompose completely. Plastic bottles are now among the biggest factors adding waste or pollution in the world. Only one out of five plastic bottles are recycled per year.

How to limit the increasing level of pollution on this earth? Things have become critical that’s why it is necessary to take quick actions in order to make them in order. There is a need to identify the environment and health friendly solutions. If you want to know more about plastic pollution in the oceans, click here.

Health and Environment-Friendly:

The statistics revealed that more than 17 million barrels of crude oil are consumed by the plastic manufacturers especially the plastic bottle manufacturers. This quantity of oil is used to produce around 50 billion plastic bottles or disposable bottles only in the United States of America. Changing this habit (avoiding the plastic bottles) could be a major saving for the country’s economy as well as helping to maintain the environment. In general, these plastic bottles are thrown away after use. This is a big cause of pollution in the world. On the other hand, those who keep these bottles at home for any other purpose such as storing drinking water also face health risks (cancer, reproductive issues, and others).

Perfect Water Bottle


Reduce Expenses and Save Money:

Reusable Water Bottles have become popular in this scenario. These bottles have so many advantages such as environmental benefit. These bottles are cheaper if you compare the total money you spend on a disposable plastic water bottle in a year. Yes, the reusable water bottles are designed with solid but safe materials to be used for longer. The biggest example is that an American can save more than $1200 per year if he or she just stop buying plastic bottles. It means that you should think about the 50 big Mac’s only within a year. The plastic bottles are BPA source. This is a component which is used to make plastic. This plastic component is linked to cancer development.

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Control Water Source:

No one exactly knows about the water source of famous mineral water companies. Do they use water springs from the mountains? Definitely, they don’t. It means that you are paying for a water bottle which was filled from an unknown source. No doubt, most of the companies claim that their water bottles are 100 % of the natural sources and clean from all pollutants and germs. However, this is a myth no one knows. Therefore, it is suggested to use the Reusable Water Bottle so you can fill the water from home, nearest water filtration plant or even from a water spring coming from the mountain. Using a reusable bottle enables users to learn the water source. Tap water is also safe in most of the US states. Authorities regularly check the quality of tap water in order to ensure that people are drinking fresh and clean water.

A Healthier Choice:

Using the Reusable Water Bottle is a healthier choice. Do you know? In fact, there is no BPA or other pollutants in the bottle composition. These bottles have excellent resistance against the increasing temperature and direct sunlight. There are sufficient reports proving that plastic bottles containing BPA make the water toxic by releasing micro-plastics when exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight. Using the Reusable Water Bottle is better as there is no risk of chemicals leaching. The Reusable Water Bottle designed from stainless steel such as Coldest Bottle is BPA free and these are free from the toxins.

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The Tastier Option:

Do you know more than 25 % of the mineral water bottles are filled from the tap? Yes, a majority of the companies are doing this even in the USA. There is a need to investigate the source of water whenever you buy the bottled water from markets. This is why it tastes similar to your home water tap. It would be great if you buy the stainless steel coldest bottle and fill it at home. There is no need to pay for a water bottle which has no superiority over your home tap water.

Coldest Water Bottle


Store and Drink Whenever You Need:

Unlike plastic bottles, the Reusable Water Bottle has a tendency to store anything such as cold water, hot tea, hot soup, and even ice cubes. It means that it is an ideal option to store and drink different types of fluids wherever and whenever you like. The insulated Reusable Water Bottle such as coldest bottle would be an ideal choice for this purpose. Now it is easy to carry cold water for more than 36 hours and hot water for 12 hours irrespective of external temperature.

Reusable Water Bottles are Cleanable:

Yes, you can easily clean the Reusable Water Bottles. Most of these bottles especially the coldest bottle come in a design which is easy to clean. Whether you use a traditional brush or a special structure (spoon covered by muslin cloth) there will be lots of options to clean a Reusable Water Bottle. It is recommended to buy the bottles having a wider opening. These bottles are dishwater friendly.

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Reusable Water Bottles are Durable:

These bottles are durable and long lasting. As a matter of fact, the Reusable Water Bottles are designed with stainless steel and highly insulated covers. These combinations make the bottle durable. Whether you use these bottles for sports, entertainment, office or daily purposes, there is no need to be worried about the structural damages. These are solid hard bottles designed to be your companion anywhere. Stay comfortable as the Reusable Water Bottle such as coldest bottle will never break or leak even inside the backpack.

Coldest Water Bottle


Aesthetic Value:

The aesthetic value of Reusable Water Bottles is so high. These are gorgeous and beautiful. Most of the insulated and stainless bottles are available in attractive colors and designs. For example, the coldest bottle has a uniquely beautiful design in black having blue writings on its structure.

Usage of Reusable Water Bottles is Convenient:

Yes, this is the last most important point about the Reusable Water Bottle. These bottles are highly attractive for users just because of the convenience. Whether you want cold or hot water for travel, the Reusable Water Bottle will serve best. These bottles have a stainless structure and insulated from inside. This combination provides special storage for the fluids. Those who want to store the coldest water for travel in summers should think about the coldest bottle. This bottle can store the ice cubes for a longer period (36 hours and more) even if the external temperatures are high and the user is present in direct sunlight. Majority of the travelers love to carry the water bottles.

The Reusable Water Bottles are equipped with special handles. These are leak-free so travelers can pack them inside the backpacks. The bottle keeps water or any fluid fresh and tasty. There will be no odor or smell in the water even after 36 hours. Using a Reusable Water Bottle with care is a lasting investment that’s why everyone should think about this opportunity.

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