Majority of the plastic bottle users don’t pay attention to the negatives consequences of using plastic water bottles. There is a list of critical points suggesting the users avoid these disposable water bottles and replacing their environment and health friendly Reusable Water Bottle.

No Proper Recycling:

The very first reason to avoid plastic water bottles is improper recycling. Only 25 % of the total plastic bottles produced in the world are recycled every year. This is not enough. Rest of the 70 % plastic bottles goes to oceans, lakes, rivers, and landfills. There it takes at least one thousand years to decompose these bottles. This is why recycling is very important and we should focus on the materials we can use without any limitation. The Reusable Water Bottles are excellent in this matter as these are made from insulated stainless steel which runs for longer.

Chemicals Leaching In Drinking Water:

Plastic water bottles are the biggest source of contaminated water. Most people believe that drinking bottled water is safer for health. In contrast, scientific studies say something different about it. The plastic bottles contain chemicals especially the BPA. These chemicals start to react with water when exposed to high temperatures. This creates a risk of chemical leaching in the bottled water. Use a Reusable Water Bottle in order to avoid this risk. Using a stainless steel insulated water bottle enables the users to drink chemical or toxin-free water.


Tap Water Is Safer Than Bottled Water:

This is a big fact. No doubt, it is hard to believe but scientific surveys and reports are in favor of tap water. Most of the water supplies checked by authorities in the USA were found clean and healthy for drinking purposes. On the other hand, the users can visit the tap water source anytime so they can see how this water is supplied to them. On the other hand, tap water doesn’t require hundreds of dollars every month. You can save huge amounts by filling the Reusable Water Bottles with tap water at home.

Keep Our World Pollution Free:

Yes, plastic bottles being thrown to lakes, rivers, ponds, and seas are dangerous for the water creatures and human health. From giant whales to little jellyfishes, plastic bottles are creating life threats for everyone in the water. Sea animals often mistakenly consume these plastic bottles. Studies have shown possible genetic linkage transferring cancer-causing elements from sea animals to their consumers. Say “Goodbye” to plastic if you want to save the life of sea animals as well as humans who consume them.

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So Many Colors of Reusable Water Bottles:

The trend is increasing to use the Reusable Water Bottle. In the normal lift, scientists, students, and professionals prefer to buy a Reusable Water Bottle rather than the plastic bottle. They know the negative impacts of using plastic so they are trying to avoid this pollutant material. The biggest advantage of buying Reusable Water Bottles is that there are so many colors and styles. These bottles come in a wide range of color choices and designs. Now you can easily buy a Reusable Water Bottle in your favorite color. This would be fun as well as a personality match. It also shows the hidden facts of your personality. These bottles with special colors are commonly used to market products, brands, promote companies, and support sports teams and to save the planet.

Coldest Water Bottle


Stay Hydrated with Reusable Water Bottle:

Plastic water bottles are not available everywhere. You can’t bring these bottles for long distance traveling. No doubt, travelers can buy bottled water in cities even towns but it would be so expensive. Reusable Water Bottles are great alternatives. These are inexpensive and save hundreds of dollars for users. It is recommended to purchase the best Reusable Water Bottle such as Coldest Bottle from The Coldest Water right now. This bottle keeps users hydrated as it delivers cold water for an extended duration (36 hours or more) even if the sun is peak hot.

You will be Happy:

Nowadays, everyone prefers Reusable Water Bottles. Why don’t you buy one? It is time to bring the best insulated stainless steel water bottle for your daily use. This will make you a person who loves nature and the environment. On the other hand, it is also shown that you are sensitive about your health. These bottles are now available in a wide range of designs and styles. It is recommended to see famous manufacturers such as The Coldest Water store where you can find the top choices.

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A Perfect Investment:

It is inexpensive to buy a Reusable Water Bottle rather than buying bottled water. No doubt, the price of reusable bottles especially the insulated stainless steel bottles sounds higher but it is a long investment. These bottles are highly durable. This makes them an ideal choice for wise people. All you have to do is take perfect care of the bottle. This will return you with long-serving. Many people have the same reusable bottle and they are using it continuously. This is just like saving money as you can fill these bottles from the tap at home or anywhere in the city. It means that there is no money to buy additional water.

Insulated Sports Water Bottle


Be An Environment Saver:

It is time to be an active participant to save the environment and nature. Plastic water bottles have already done huge damage to this beautiful world. Buy the Reusable Water Bottle to prove that you are an active environment saver. This type of steps also shows your responsibility and planning for the upcoming generations. Would you like to give a polluted world to your grandchildren? Definitely, it is hard to imagine. Start from your own home and bring the Reusable Water Bottle in order to say “Goodbye” to the bottled water. This effort seems little but it has a huge impact in the world. There are so many inspirational campaigns, stories, and events for those who want to share their efforts in this matter.

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