We all came across plastic waste during these holidays. The best way to guard against it is to avoid a maximum of using plastic. Yes, it’s easy. You’ll see.

No, plastic is not fantastic. It is made with oil and water. Barely used as it is already thrown. Only 9% of the plastic produced is recycled. A plastic bottle takes 400 years to disappear, by scattering its chemical molecules in the environment. The plastic pollution of the oceans is frightening. They are available in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, the 7th continent, composed exclusively of plastic waste. Drastically, it continues to expand.

In short, it is high time to act. Follow our 5 tips to reduce it if you can’t stop the consumption of plastic.


1- Give up Plastic for Single Use Only:

The coffee beaker and its famous turret perfectly illustrate the misuse of plastics. Do not you find it more pleasant to taste your drink in a nice mug, with a metal spoon? Even if the authorities foresee the forthcoming ban on plastic straws and cotton swabs, as a consumer, we have the choice to turn away definitively from this type of product.

Same is true is for plastic bottles. The Beverage Marketing Corporation and International Bottled Water Association have released the data that are showing 10 countries with unquenchable thirsts for bottled water.

1. China (10.42 billion gallons)

2. USA (10.13 billion gallons)

3. Mexico (8.23 billion gallons)

4. Indonesia (4.82 billion gallons)

5. Brazil (4.80 billion gallons)

6. Thailand (3.99 billion gallons)

7. Italy (3.17 billion gallons)

8. Germany (3.11 billion gallons)

9. France (2.41 billion gallons)

10. India (1.04 billion gallons)

You understand now that China and USA is the 1st and 2nd largest consumer of bottled water in the world. Still, our tap water is drinkable! If you’re not comfortable with it, try the Stainless Steel reusable water Bottles, the infused water, or simply the bring back the old habits, fill a glass bottle and place it one night, open, in the refrigerator door. The next day, your water will be fresh and neutral in taste. In the kitchen, trade the food film, very bad for the environment, for a beeswax packaging, easy to make and reusable to infinity. Finally avoid fast foods, which serve you in disposable plastic dishes.


2- Equip Yourself with Bags So You Do Not Use a Plastic Bag:

Always carry a small bag with you, and think of going shopping with your bags, shopping bag or reusable shopping bag. The tote-bag, launched to replace the plastic bag. It is a good option if you buy it made of cotton. If not, consider doing it yourself, possibly with new or used fabrics. You will be able to adapt the format to your needs (bread bag or XXL …). The crochet bag is back in force. If you like crocheting, get started on it.

3- Monitor Your Purchases: Ban the Plastic Pack and Prefer the Bulk:

The cucumbers or broccoli covered with plastic, the 4 apples in their tray of polystyrene and vacuum, the cupcakes in individual bags, stored in a box itself under plastic. Once, it is at home, it is still necessary to get rid of all these packaging, the cost is reflected on your bill. Admit that plastic does not always simplify life! Choose unpacked fruits and vegetables, sugar, flour, rice, and all others. There are more and more groceries in bulk, which also allows you to buy the quantity you need. As for drinks, ban plastic bottles, and preferably can packing or glass bottles. Cheese and cold cuts, prefer the products to cut, that your trader will be able to even put in the box that you will hold him.

Coldest Bottle


4- Limit Household and Care Products:

A bottle of cleaner for earthenware, an anti-limestone bottle for faucets, a bottle for the toilet bowl, another for the telescope … Products for windows, the floor, the worktop … The references for household products in plastic bottles are innumerable. These products are expensive and do not always have the expected effectiveness. Invest in baking soda, liquid black soap, and white vinegar. With these really economical basic products, you will be able to clean the whole house without invading it with flasks. This is a key to great savings and a guarantee not to pollute. Even the sponge, the nest of bacteria and catastrophic carbon footprint, can be easily replaced by a Tawashi.

And for your skin care products, apply the same logic. Avoid multiplying the bottles. Especially since you have at home, without knowing it, all that is necessary to make your products yourself. Test the solid shampoo; you will not be able to do without it! You will see, with a little sweet almond oil or olive, bicarbonate always him, clay, honey, you will easily make potions very effective magic.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle


5- Cook More at Home:

Take a minute to compare the price (and quality) of yogurts in their plastic pot, to those homemade, you will be amazed! Same sanction for compotes. At snack time, homemade cupcakes are incomparable in taste and always cheaper than over packaged industrial products. If you read this article, it is because you have probably already removed from your daily diet prepared meals. For your quiches, you probably prefer homemade dough to that under plastic. As for the soup, once you have tasted homemade soups, you can’t swallow those in ready soup packing again.

Keep your Continent pollution free and yourselves Healthy! A Message by the Coldest Water.