I hiked with this with cold water and some ice cubes from my freezer – still ice cubes after 18 hours with 70 degrees or so Fahrenheit ambient temperature. The design is well made as well – the cap is larger than other insulated bottles and the opening is enough to put normal sized ice cubes in.

There is also rubber near the bottom and on the cap itself for better grip! Not sure why the company made the bottom rounded, though – I haven’t tipped it over yet but it doesn’t seem to leak so I’m not too worried.

I’m glad it has a loop at the top – I tend to put my water bottles on a carabiner on my belt to keep my hands free. I am a little worried that as I’m walking the top would get loose when hanging by the loop – I have some other water bottles that have a loop on the side separate from the cap that I like to use (not insulated though).

Nothing about this product seems flimsy – even the loop at the top has a good amount of material.

This water bottle fits in most car cupholders from what I’ve tested. Some of the other insulated water bottles are too thick to be used with a car cup holder. The rubber near the bottom of the bottle prevents the bottle from tipping over when full while driving.

Review by on January 9, 2016