I absolutely LOVE this water bottle! It is very attractive, a nice size and has a great handle. I placed water and ice in it 24 hours ago and this morning I still have ice in it (I was testing it to see how long it would keep and it is still there). Since it was so cold, I decided to give it a try to see if it was really cold. Well, it was as if I had just filled it right then. Some stainless steel water bottles will have a weird taste to the water after sitting over night but not this one! It tasted just like regular and very cold water from the faucet. The top is a good sized, screw on lid with a handle. The opening is large enough to fit regular ice cubes in to it, which is nice so you don’t need to either crush your cubes, which makes them melt faster, or use smaller cubes, which also melt faster. No matter how much ice and water you place into it, it does not sweat all over your nightstand or desk, wherever you place it. Because the lid screws on, you can put it into your bag without having to worry about it spilling on to the contents of your bag or backpack. I really love the colors, too. It does say exactly what it looks like in the picture, which some people who don’t like logos may not appreciate but this way I can tell people who ask the name of it, along with where to purchase it. I received this product at a discount for my honest review and I honestly can say I have found my new favorite bottle! I think you should give it a try for yourself! I believe you will love it just as much as I do! Thanks for a great product

Review by on January 9, 2016