This bottle is superb. It is a high quality replacement for those who do not want to spend a ton of money on Hydroflasks. I have a bunch of Hydroflass (Growler, 40 oz, two coffee size tumblers) and didn’t know there were cheaper alternatives. I was paying alot of money for the brand name because this works just as well as the brand name. It is BPA Free, Odor and Bacteria Resistant, and easy to clean. The high quality stainless steel is dual layered so no sweating or condensation. I tested this and water with ice stayed cold for over 24 hours. I filled it to the brim with ice and water, checked on it 24 hours later and still had some ice pieces inside. I prefer this cap to the loop design of Hydroflask since this loop is built into the cap. I’ve dropped two Hydroflasks because of their flimsy straps and had to spend even more money buying juglug adapters. The cap is made with an easy to carry handle, for big and small hands. It is leak free, which is critical for all outdoors and indoors people. Whether you want to put ice coffee in your bottle, beer, or water, it is important it does not leak at all. The mouth of the bottle is perfect for putting in big ice cubes, even when they are stuck together. The last major benefit of this bottle is that it is very portable. What do I mean by portable? I mean it fits inside the cup holder of my car, my wife’s car, as well as my bike. I have it fit everywhere I’ve taken it. Fantastic water bottle for the price and highly recommend it.

Review by on January 11, 2016