Living in Florida, having a water bottle that will keep your drinks cold is always a challenge. I confess I was a bit skeptical by the initial claims but it has lived up to its promises.

What we love about it
It really keeps the drink cold. We filled it up with ice and water and 36 hours later there was still ice in the flask and the water was at 33 degrees!

The wide mouth. Makes it very easy to fill and drink out of

Larger loop on lid. Makes for a comfortable handle. It also made it easy for my kids to put the lid back on correctly.

Lid doesn’t leak. I toss my bottles in my bag and there is nothing more frustrating than a lid that leaks, no issue here, there wasn’t a single drip from the lid

No condensation. We live in FL so hot and humid is a way of life but even as cold as the liquid was the bottle never had any condensation.

It fit in the cup holder. Winner in my book for that alone, some of my other bottles won’t sit in the cup holder and wind up on the floorboards.

The only dislike I had for the product is the company’s giant logo on the side. I prefer a less obvious branding presence but give how well it worked I can over look this minor dislike.

We hands down recommend this product, which received a discount for our fair and unbiased review, to anyone looking for a quality water bottle that really will keep your drinks cold.

Review by on January 10, 2016