How to Treat a Pulled Quadriceps Muscle?

Athletes and sportsmen usually practice different types of exercises and training workouts. As a result, they often experience injuries. What is the frequency of this disorder? If you are a sportsman or an athlete, there are high chances of having pulled Quadriceps Muscle at least once in life. No doubt, it is less common than most of sports injuries but it attacks people with older ages. This makes it more serious or dangerous. It would be better to avoid jumping or running in this condition in order to avoid further expansion.

How to Treat Pulled Quadriceps Muscle?

Before we move to the treatment of Quadriceps Muscles, it is necessary to understand its physiology. This is a type of strain which ranges from a mild ache to a severe setback. However, the severity of the disorder depends on tear or strain. According to the experts, pulled Quadriceps Muscle is a treatable condition. There is nothing special required for the treatment. All you will need is ice, rest and medication.

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Symptoms of Quadriceps Muscle:

Remember, Quadriceps is the combination of four muscles present in the front of thighs. These muscles are used to move legs and knees. Experts have graded the level of injury from grade 1 (Mild) to grade 3 (severe). The grade 1 level shows the presence of strain but the grade 3 shows the presence of tears. Following are notable symptoms of pulled Quadriceps Muscle.

  • Swelling
  • Energy loss.
  • Pain
  • Problem while moving.

Consider Cold Therapy:

We have a specialized product in the form of the ice pack. There are various types of ice packs available online. However, The Coldest Ice packs are the most perfect products for athletes. Ice packs available with us are 100 % accurate and reliable. We have designed these ice packs according to the requirements of athletes and professionals. This therapy provides additional benefits to the patients. No doubt, cold therapy helps to control the increasing inflammation but it also limits the swelling or bruising around the injury. It is recommended to use the best ice pack in order to see significant results.

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Controls Inflammatory Stage:

This stage remains active for the first 48 hours. This is a chemical based reaction which promotes the release of chemicals from the infected tissues. This results in blood leakage from the injury and it also increases the level of fluids around it. This is a basic reason for pain and swelling. Experts recommend the R.I.C.E technique to get rid of pulled Quadriceps Muscle.

Rest: Yes, you have to rest for a few days. This will minimize the pain. Stop all activities such as squats, jumping or running.

Ice: Don’t think about conventional icing method. Buy the coldest ice pack and enjoy cold therapy. It will remove pain as well as swelling.

Compress: Compression is commonly used to control increasing swelling in the injury. Bring an elastic bandage and wrap it around the injured portion.

Elevate: This technique helps to reduce the pain and swelling. Just pop injured leg up above the heart.