How to Keep Your Drinks Colder Longer

I think that we can all agree that there is nothing more refreshing than a cold beverage on a hot, sunny day. That whether you’re hiking, fishing, or taking a day trip into the city, you need a way to keep your drinks colder longer so that you can enjoy a refreshing beverage anywhere at any time.

Imagine this: You’re on a road trip driving down a long highway on a hot day. All you want is a cold drink to refresh you, but when you reach back into the cooler, all that is left is warm soda and a puddle of water. With a little preparation and foresight, that ice cold drink you enjoy on a hot day will taste even more refreshing than because you know how to keep your drinks colder longer.


Of course, people who live in perennial snow don’t have these kinds of problems, but for the rest of us, you’ve got to get a little more creative with the ways in which you can keep your drinks colder longer.

If you plan on using a large cooler for your next outing then be sure to pack plenty of ice at the bottom in order to keep your drinks colder longer. The problem with using a large cooler to keep all of your drinks in is that the ice that keep your drinks colder longer will inevitably melt in just a few hours on a hot day, which can quickly make everything in your cooler warm and distasteful.

Getting warm water inside all of the food items in your cooler is a worst case scenario for any picnicer. Not only is your ice melted but now your food has been rapidly getting warmer and warmer every minute that it’s not on ice. As soon as the ice turns into warm water, most coolers will quickly turn into little moist ovens and can actually make the food inside hotter. Make sure that all of the food items you pack in a cooler are well sealed. Even if you don’t plan of being out long enough for your ice to melt, you just never know. Plus, when the ice inside your cooler melts into warm water, your drinks are free to slip and slosh every which way. If you’re using a cooler on wheels, this can be especially dangerous and risk that warm cooler water getting into your drinks and increase the chances of any glass bottles you might have in your cooler breaking. That’s why it is so important to find a way to keep your drinks colder longer.

There are a few tricks you can use to prolong the ice in your cooler from melting and keep your drinks colder longer. The most obvious is to plan ahead and pre-chill everything you plan to bring on your trip a day beforehand. Even if your beverage is 5 to 10 degrees cooler before you pop it in to your cooler, it will retain a much lower temperature long after your ice has melted away. You can also pre-chill your entire cooler, depending on its size.

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Trick #1:

If you’re in a bind and forgot to pre-chill your drinks the night before, you can take a paper towel, soak it in water, wrap it around your drink and pop it in the freezer for about 15 minutes to keep your drinks colder longer. This insolation helps lower the temperature of your drinks quicker, but leave them in there too long and the wet paper towel will freeze over entirely around your drinks.

Trick #2:

If you’re feeling especially brazen, submerging your drinks in any natural body of water will slightly lower its temperature. You won’t get a “cold as the Rockies” feeling of refreshment from it, but it certainly beats a drink that has been sitting in the hot sun (or your car!) all day. Just remember to pull your drinks out of the water after 10 minutes and wipe off the mouth of your beverage before you drink it. If water gets inside of your drink, toss it. It is definitely not worth spending the rest of the day in the bathroom for a lukewarm drink.

When loading up your cooler for your big trip, remember that hot air travels up and cold air travels down. To keep your drinks colder longer, pack your drinks in first, followed by your ice on top of your drinks, and then anything else you want to bring, such as sandwiches, on top of the ice. That way when the ice melts it will continue to cool your drinks instead of just pooling up at the bottom of your cooler while the items you packed on top stay (relatively) dry.

Trick #3:

You can take it one step further by insolating the gaps between your beverages in your cooler. After your pack all of your drinks into your cooler, try rolling up a hand towel or wash cloth to stick into any large gaps in between your beverages. This trick works with pretty much anything you want to pop into your cooler in order to better insolate your drinks.

Trick #4:

Lastly, when the ice in your cooler inevitably does melt, don’t just dump it out. That little pool of water actually helps insolate whatever else is in the cooler, preventing it from getting even warmer. Even the best coolers in all shapes and sizes won’t stop your ice form melting. Coolers might work for picnics and short trips, but if you plan on being out and about all day – especially outdoors or someplace warm – a better investment is a water bottle. Ultimately, unless you are lugging around either a heart or a steak in that cooler, a personal water bottle is your best bet for your next outing on a warm day.

When looking for a water bottle that will retain cold temperatures the longest, plan to make a departure from those clear plastic water bottles like Aquafina. A much better, healthier, and environmentally friendly choice for the long run is to buy a canteen style water bottle. These are actually perfect for keeping liquids at low temperatures for long periods of time and are much easier to carry around than a large cooler. You can find great stainless steel water bottles in a variety of sizes, but be warned – bigger is not always better. You don’t want to get stuck lugging around a giant 100 ounce jug of water on a day hike. Plan accordingly and consider what activities you will actually be using your water bottle for the most and how much water you consume during those activities.

With most personal water bottles, you don’t need to pop your water bottle in the freezer overnight in order to get it to stay cooler longer because a good water bottle should be well insulated. Water bottles made with stainless steel provide the best and safest insolation in order to keep your drinks colder longer. Never drink from water bottles containing hazardous BPA.

If you’re looking for a water bottle that can keep your drinks colder longer than finding one that can easily fit large ice cubes without you having to force them into the mouth of the water bottle with the palm of your hand should be a top priority. Many Stainless Steel Water Bottle do a good job of isolating your beverage and can keep your drinks colder longer, but even filling them up with the ice cubes that come out of your refrigerator can be a pain. This is something so simple that we can take it for granted when you buy a new canteen water bottle that looks cool but is not very practical in its use. In order to keep your drinks colder longer, filling your water bottle up about half way with ice cubes is recommended. Remember, because frozen water takes up more mass than liquid water, when the ice cubes melt you will end up with significantly less liquid in your water bottle than you may have thought.

If you’ve ever been camping, you know how much of a pain it is to clean off all of your camping gear when you get home. Cleaning out your water bottle, and your cooler for that matter, after each use is something you should make a habit of. Not only will this keep your beverages tasting fresh, but you avoid the possibility of getting sick from all of the germs your water bottle has collected over the day. If scrubbing dishes every day is a turn off for you then look for a water bottle with the words “dishwasher safe” printed on the bottom or somewhere on the retail label.

The longevity of a water bottle which can keep your drinks colder longer is an important factor to consider when look at water bottles to travel with. It should not only keep your drinks colder longer, but it should be able to stand up to bumps and dents without damaging the water bottle itself. Many stainless steel water bottles used to keep your drinks colder longer are easily dented, damaged and punctured, so a water bottle that can keep your drinks colder longer in addition to coming with a warranty or money back guarantee would be preferred.

The only water bottle on the market which has all of the features we are looking for in order to keep your drinks colder longer is actually called The Coldest Water Bottle.

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While there are a number of novelty gadgets on the market made to keep your drinks colder longer, for sustainability and longevity, The Coldest Water Bottle is the perfect way to keep your drinks cold and refreshing all day no matter that climate you find yourself in. This is in part because of its double wall insolated stainless steel, which makes The Coldest Water Bottle super durable and dent proof. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, which is saying something for a water bottle.

The two layers of stainless steel which insulate The Coldest Water Bottle have a thin gap of air in between them, causing it to float in any body of water. If you plan on taking on the trails during an all-day hike or a day of boating, The Coldest Water Bottle can keep your drinks colder longer than any cooler, even in the hot sun, in addition to being able to stand up to any accidents that Mother Nature might throw your way.

The Coldest Water Bottle is BPA-free and has the best insolation out of any water bottles on the market because it uses two stainless steel walls which not only provide double insolation in order to keep your drinks colder longer, but the hollow middle section between the two stainless steel walls makes this water bottle buoyant, allowing it to float when submersed in any body of water so it will never get lost at sea.

The design of The Coldest water bottle is very durable and naturally prevents dents and dings, making it perfect for camping and the outdoors. It also has built in no-sweat technology which prevents condensation from building up on the outside of the water bottle, even when full of ice. It also has a convenient wide mouth opening to accommodate large ice cubes easily. Cleaning out The Coldest Water Bottle is as easy as popping it in the dishwasher at the end of every day.


Investing in a durable and reliable canteen style water bottle is your best option if you are looking for ways to keep your drinks colder longer. While traditional coolers may keep several drinks cold for a time, even with the best pre-chill prep and cooler stacking skills, you will only have a few hours while outside before all of the ice in your cooler is gone and the refreshment factor of your beverages begins to plummet. The Coldest Water Bottle can keep your drinks colder longer than any cooler with less than a quarter of the ice you would put in a cooler.

When it comes to the best way to keep your drinks colder longer, The Coldest Water Bottle is your best bet. With a design that can keep your drinks colder longer by up to 22 hours, The Coldest Water Bottle is the best choice for taking refreshing beverages with you anywhere you go.