The Best Gym Water Bottles For Your Workout of 2018

The key to getting the best workout of your life? Throw all of those pre-workout supplements in the trash because staying hydrated at the gym is the number one best thing that anyone can do during the course of their workout. How many times have you had to cut your set short just to make a trip to the water fountain? Having the best gym water bottles for your workout can not be emphasized enough for both newcomers and veteran gym rats. That’s why we have tried out water bottles of all shapes and sizes in an effort to find the best gym water bottles for your workout.

Here are The Best Gym Water Bottles For Your Workout of 2018

What are we looking for in the best gym water bottles for your workout? First, you want a water bottle that will not only keep you hydrated, but you also want a water bottle which will keep you feeling refreshed as well. Finding a water bottle which can stay cool even under sweaty conditions can be tricky, so use this definitive guide to help you find the best gym water bottles for your workout.

First, let us emphasize the importance of proper hydration. If you think that your gym water bottle is not important to your overall fitness and exercise regime, think about this: there are many water bottles on the market, some of the best gym water bottles for your workout, that are specifically designed for the performance of professional athletes. That is because professional athletes recognize the importance of hydrating at important intervals of their workout. No, Gatorade is not always an appropriate workout beverage. Our bodies are made up of mostly water, which is why it is so important to put good, clean water back into our system after sweating so much. We need water to survive – it’s the solvent of life – and when we drain our body of fluids, having a handy source of ice cold water nearby is the best thing we can do for our bodies during and after a workout. When our bodies start heating up after a good workout, it’s also important that we cool it down – slowly and gradually – with ice cold water.

Make no mistake: the right water bottle will take your workout to the next level. That is why we have compiled this guide to the best gym water bottles for your workout in 2015.

On that same note, a lot of gym goers complain about the condensation that covers their water bottle when they fill it up with ice. When the outside of your water bottle is covered in condensation from ice water, it doesn’t just get on everything in your gym bag, it gets everything that you set it down on at the gym wet. Luckily, they have recently come out with no-sweat water bottles made for the gym which do not perspire, even when full of ice water.

The reusability and durability of a gym water bottle should also be a huge consideration. You don’t want to buy something that will melt in the dishwasher, which is why it is important to know what your option are when it comes to finding the best gym water bottles for your workout. Do you plan on using the same water bottle for your post-workout protein shake? A little planning makes finding the best gym water bottles for your workout a whole lot easier.

Size does matter when it comes to the best water bottles for your workout. You don’t want to have to keep making frequent trips to the water fountain to refill your water bottle during a workout. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated – especially during a workout at the gym – but a less talked about hazard at the gym is over hydration. This can occur when drinking too many water and can lead to serious health issues. This is why monitoring your water consumption at the gym is important in order to better understand how much your body actually needs during a workout. Buying a water bottle which holds as close to the amount of water that you actually consume at the gym will allow you to easily regulate your water intake.

Another consideration in determining what size of a water bottle is best for you is that water can actually be pretty heavy when you’re lugging an extra large water bottle around that is full to the brim. Not kettlebell heavy, but heavy nonetheless. Also remember that water will expand when you put ice in it, so if you fill your water bottle with ice cubes so that you can enjoy icy cold water at the gym, you will actually have a little less water than when you filled up your bottle to the top after the ice is done melting.

As a side note, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of keeping your water bottle clean. It can be easy to simply toss your water bottle in your gym bag the use the following day, but do you really want to drink from something that has been brushing up against your dirty gym socks on the ride home? We thought not. Cleaning out your water bottle every day is important. Wash off those germs daily and you may just keep yourself from coming down with a case of the sniffles in the future. This is why buying a water bottle that is easy to clean is another factor that we look for when choosing the best gym water bottles for your workout. If you can’t pop your gym water bottle in the dishwasher every night then it can be easy to put off cleaning it on a daily basis.

What we found while reviewing many of these gym water bottles is that a lot of them leaked when filled with ice water. You definitely don’t want to be the guy or girl at the gym leaving a trail of drippy ice water everywhere you go. For this reason, finding a gym water bottle which provides a tight seal is also important.

best gym water bottles for your workout

This water bottle made in Switzerland holds up to one liter of water and is made from aluminum. The SIGG Traveler’s Water Bottle features SIGG’s patented EcoLiner technology, which keeps its liquids insolated while preventing leaks. This water bottle is perfect for the gym because it is free of harmful BPA and stays clean, even after your water has spent a long time in the bottle. Don’t leave it on the floor of your car on a hot day, though!

The durable aluminum design of this gym water bottle won’t dent or crack, but it is not as strong as some of the other gym water bottles on the market today. It’s great for regular use and the aluminum insolation will keep your water cool while at the gym for a time. However, if you want to feel refreshed while drinking from your gym water bottle, you may want to consider another model.

You can find the SIGG Traveler’s Water Bottle on Amazon for around $17.

best gym water bottles for your workout

The Klean Kanteen water bottle holds only 20 ounces of liquid, yet it features a stainless steel exterior which is quite durable. The insolation of the stainless steel is quite handy and can provide a refreshing beverage while on the go or in the heat of a workout at the gym. Plus, the wide mouth spout of the Klean Kanteen provides you with generous amounts of hydration. It is easy to clean and you can pop it right in the dishwasher after each workout.

While the stainless steel Klean Kanteen is very durable and handy, the fact that it only hold 20 ounces of water leaves something to the imagination. With this water bottle, you’ll find yourself making frequent trips to the water fountain to refill your container while the ice inside melts away quicker and quicker with each refill.

You can grab yourself a Klean Kanteen Reusable Water Bottle from Amazon for about $25.

best gym water bottles for your workout

The Hydro Flask Water Bottle is made of stainless steel and holds a generous 40 ounces of water. As we have seen with the Klean Kanteen, stainless steel is naturally insolated and easy to clean. Although the stainless steel that the Hydro Flask is made from is not nearly as thick as other water bottles on the market and therefore not as great at insolating liquids, it does a decent job at keeping your liquids cool and refreshing. It also has an attachable straw, which when combined with this water bottle’s capacity to hold quite a bit of water makes this an even handier water bottle to use at the gym.

Get yourself a Hydro Flask for around $34 on Amazon.

best gym water bottles for your workout

The Coldest Water Bottle

Now here is a water bottle that was designed for professional athletes. The Coldest Water Bottle has an edge over all of the other best gym water bottles for your workout. Not only is it one of the most durable and dent-free gym water bottles available on the market, but it is also one of the few water bottles which actually come with a lifetime warranty.

The screw-on cap with The Coldest Water Bottle provides a tight seal so that no water leaks. The hook on top makes this gym water bottle easy to carry either in your gym bag, attached to carabiners, or any hook. The large lid will accommodate large ice cubes and it is very well isolated so it will keep your water colder longer. Having that ice water in your bottle stay cold all day long is a must if you do some form of hiking or distance running. The last thing you want when you’re 10 miles down the trail is a bottle of warm water you have to drink from, which is why it is important when buying a new gym water bottle to consider how long you would like your water to stay cold and refreshing.

If you go boating, kayaking, or any water sport, The Coldest Water Bottle floats in a body of water so that there is zero chance of your ever losing it. This is notably a problem with many stainless steel water bottles, which are notoriously bad for bringing on the water. The Coldest Water Bottle is made from double isolated stainless steel, so not only is it twice as durable as other stainless steel water bottles, but the air in between the isolated walls allows it to stay afloat when submersed in water.

The best water bottle:

The Coldest Water Bottle is quick and easy to clean after each use. This water bottle also has never sweat technology. That means that this water bottle will never get condensation all over your gym bag or anything it sits on because it retains cold water and precipitation. The Coldest Water Bottle is also made from BPA-free materials, so even if you accidentally forget your water bottle in your car, it will be safe to drink for later – and probably still cold!

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As we can see, there is something for everyone on our list of the best gym water bottles for your workout in 2015. Using the information in this article, you will be able to determine what your specific needs are from a gym water bottle in order to find a product which closest matches those needs.

The products we listed in our review were chosen over tons of other water bottles because of the unique attributes and benefits which each of them provide during a workout. Please take a moment to share your requirements for what makes a great water bottle below and let us know what the most important aspects of any gym water bottle should be.

If you are serious about your workout, it’s time to get serious about your gym water bottle – the single most important piece of equipment at the gym. For any fitness enthusiast, proper hydration is one area where you don’t want to compromise. Find the right gym water bottle that works for your workouts and remember to stay hydrated.