Can Drinking Cold Water Make You Happier?

The answer lies in finding out how the body functions and what role water plays in it. This brings us to the quest of understanding metabolism. However, there is another aspect as well which seems to be at the heart of the connection of cold water and happiness. While the sun plays the most important role in our lives, we also tend to get tired very soon when exposed continuously to the sun. We tend to move towards a shady area where we can recuperate for a moment or few under the beneficial shade. This is relief that is universally necessary for both man and animal. The sun is always welcome for its warmth and life sustenance but it sure gets a bit too much at times. On the contrary, cooler climes are not as arduous as an extremely hot summer can get. Sure, those who are always stuck with a colder climate will any day love to be under the sun. But, it is never too torturous as there are means to stay warm indoors and it can be a cozy feeling too. A similar level of comfort is derived when we drink cold water. It delivers goodness to us that is equivalent to staying away from the sun, either indoors or any place that is protected from the sun.


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So, cold water is surely something that is a relief and hence it is always welcome. But, can drinking cold water make you happier? Does it create happiness all by itself, separate from the happiness that is derived by way of relief from thirst. You sure feel great when you drink cold water after a wide range of activities, from during your meal to after your workout or when taking a break from your busy desk job. The refreshment that cold water delivers is at par with any of your favorite beverages. It adds refreshment to a hot day while it never loses its charms even on a rainy or chilly day. Somehow, cold water adds extra elements to the water molecules and makes for an abundantly simple and satisfactory pleasure.

The effect that cold water has on you is similar to the effect that air conditioning has on you during a hot summer or when heating delivers warmth during a cold winter. We need alterations to the natural conditions to help us enjoy each day. We are never happy sweating in the summer or shivering in the winter. In the same way, water is an essential element of our lives and when it is cold it forms an extraordinarily enjoyable drink, one that can hold its own with any beer just for the sheer taste and the satisfactory feeling that it leaves you with. Except when you are confronted with severely cold conditions, you will never have any second thoughts about grabbing a cold cup of water.

Another way of looking at the question of can drinking cold water make you happier is to consider a situation where the climate is neither too hot nor too cold and you have the option of having a cold drink or one that is served at room temperature. The natural instinct would be to go for the cold drink, more so if it is cold water. This illustrates that there is a real natural tendency for humans to prefer cold water. This could be due to either its enjoyable characteristics or because it represents an alteration of normal circumstances. Don’t we all like food that is processed according to our tastes rather than served in its simplest form? Even if it represents only the human urge for value-added foods and concoctions, it can be said to be having none of the deleterious consequences of other cold drinks that contain artificial sweeteners or processed foods with chemicals in them for the purpose of preservation. If we like cold water and if it acts as a real good positive influencer, it is really recommended that we keep our reserves at all times and over all activities so that we are always able to maintain our spirits at a gung-ho range.

This brings us to the best way to carry cold water and keep it around in its original form. When we take water around, it has to retain its freshness. This has to do completely with odor. When water tastes and smells different because of the container in which it has been shipped around, it completely defeats the purpose of carrying it around. Further, we do not want to have a substance like glass crash and for water to be spilled. A stainless steel water bottle that is insulated would be the ideal way of keeping water at hand and thereby always being able to deliver an affirmative response for the query on can drinking cold water make you happier. Of course it does, and you would need to make sure that the best stainless steel water bottle is with you so that you are not let down.


What is it about cold water that is so refreshing? You would have experienced the need for cold water at different occasions. You would have felt the need to take a cold shower or cold water splashed on the face. The same level of comfort and satisfaction that is derived when we use cold water on our bodies is obtained by drinking cold water. Especially at times when the body is faced with discomfort, cold water can be said to be a ready medicine to recharge the body as well as mind and to alleviate various symptoms of stress.

This is where we also enter the area of how the mind works. Cold water can be said to do as much work on the mind as it does on the body. This is where we might find the real answer of whether drinking cold water can make you happier. There is something about cold water that puts us at peace and creates a sense of calm. Each of us can vouch for the fact that there is nothing more enjoyable than ice cream. The mind is always drawn to ice cream and every one of us will only have positive thoughts when considering ice cream. It is an extension of the relishing element of cold water.

The mind is related to the body in many ways. The senses that the body deploys to stay alert and informed on the surrounding environment are connected to the brain. The role of the thinking functionality of the body has a separate world of its own. Here, you can create threats even where none exists. This is done by imagining threats as a result of past experiences and memories. When such a predominant role is played by the mind in the perception of daily events and their impact on you, it is very essential that you adopt practices that have feel-good connotations. And there is no other feel-good activity that has health and nourishment packed in abundance as that of drinking water. With cold water, you have a real transformative potion with you, one that is easy to get and easy to take along.

The elixir of life that water is, it might seem that we do not pay the necessary attention to its prime position in our lives. We are probably more tilted towards thinking of water as just an extra when it comes to the importance that we place on different food choices, dietary supplements and fancy juices. It would seem that we have lost touch with what water really means to us amidst the avalanche of drinks that are arrayed in front of us. Each such drink advertises itself as being a major refreshment or making a very healthy contribution to our lives. When you compare all these drinks, many of them with artificial additives, and also those that have several meaningful additives, it would seem that we are just looking for newer substances to satiate our quest for bringing more dynamism into our daily routines.

If you want to impart a fresh zest of vigor and interest into your daily routines or if you just want refreshment, cold water can meet all of your needs. However, the one problem with cold water is that you do not get access to it as easy as getting a canned drink or you do not get as much enthusiasm as you do with a new drink that is laced with some exquisite taste and health benefit. However, if you take a closer look at the way that cold water can make a major change to your physical and mental needs, you will immediately start to look out for the best possible way to have cold water with you wherever you are going through the day.

Just as with the way that we tend to prefer organic foods amidst the deluge of processed foods, we will find that the answer to can drinking cold water make you happier has the key to a very simple pleasure of life, yet one that has the potential to be one of the best things that you ever do with regard to developing a healthy and content lifestyle. When you take a look at the lengths that we go to derive happiness, drinking cold water will be possibly one of the simplest things to do to help you keep cool and calm. The only thing that you need to do with this element of nourishment is to find out the best possible container for storing it and carrying it around. It needs to have insulation to retain the cold. You need to ensure that the container that you buy does not have any plastics as that would be a very bad interruption to the entire concept of natural goodness that cold water is bringing to the table and to your offices, weekend getaways, workout routines and all the things that you do where you need a little bit of an interesting interlude.

You will discover that having cold water with you at all times is the equivalent of having a cold water shower or a splash of cold water on your face. Except that when you drink cold water, it not only activates your body but also brings about an element of happiness and energy. To gain an improvement in one’s frame of mind is also something that we go to great lengths to obtain. Again, with cold water, we have the simplest yet most profound solution. The pursuit of happiness is very basic in determining the paths to progress as we tend to make the best decisions when we are happy and the lousy decisions when we are not fully content. With cold water by our hands, we can always take a swig of the essential element of life, cooled to the right degree and feel good for a fraction of the cost of any other drink that is stated as being good for your spirits.


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With cold water as fuel, you will be feeling more enthused to walk more, work out more and stop an overload of snacks from entering into your system. Even if you need to take a break from your exercise schedule, cold water will continue to keep those calories knocked off. Overall, cold water has all it takes to keep you happy, fit and raring to go. While we might have access to cold water at our work locations and our homes, the key to making full use of all that it has got to give us is to really try and have it with us at all times. There are different types of bottles and caps for different activities like walking, cycling, driving and the work place. A water bottle that has what it takes to meet all of these requirements while enabling ice to be filled easily will be just what you need to have the best of what water has to offer, in its chilled best.