How to Drink More Water?

Seven Scientific Reasons Behind Drinking More Water

How many glasses of pure water have you drunk today? If it is below 16 (for men) and 11 (for women), then you didn’t drink enough water. The human body is like a comprehensive machine that requires 3 to 4 liter fresh and clean water daily to keep it cool, lubricate and function as per requirements. No doubt, every part of your body gets largely benefited from the consistent and huge supply of water.

Eyes, mouth, and nose all need to stay moisturized that will mean your body must have enough spare fluids. Body joints require cartilage and it contains up to 80% of clean water that maintains hydration level. It is a natural reaction of humans that they will drink water only if they are thirsty. You can draw some rules and follow ethics to follow a habit of drinking more water daily. It is the best thing for you to link your water drinking habit with some of the regular tasks you always execute punctually.


Drink on Regular Intervals:

For example; you can drink a glass of water when you get out of your bed in the morning. Further, it is good for you to drink enough water after a walk or physical workouts. Water is useful if you drink it regularly during your tea break. If you spruce up water, then you can make your water intake habit quite appealing and punctual. Try to infuse it along with some vegetables like cucumber or fresh fruits to ensure your brain that it is a treat. You can include tomatoes and watermelons in your regular diet to increase water intake through the foods.

There are ample of benefits and functions of regular water intake in real life. There are some great ideas to improve your habit of drinking plenty of water. Scientific reasons support these ideas and inspire humans to increase drinking water daily. You will get largely motivated if you go through some water drinking ideas. If you experience dark circles under your eyes, sleep more or feel tired throughout the day, then it will be grave warnings that you are not drinking plenty of water. You must move to some ideas and rules that will let you make it habit to drink more water all day.

How to Drink Enough Water?

Do you feel exhausted situation; even you have taken good rest? It means you are not drinking more water to meet your body needs and stay hydrated. Are you feeling happy and good activeness? You are actually dehydrated and should drink more water in a day. Drinking more water daily may result in big changes in your fitness and health conditions.

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Why Is This Vital to Drink Enough Water?

Human body always needs water. In fact, water plays a part to keep the body cool and hydrated, but organs, cells, tissues, bones, and joints all need water to keep and maintain your body health.


There are 7 key scientific reasons for standing behind drinking more water daily.

  • Cartilage is a key component of joints and it usually contains 80% of water. So, water lubricates joints and plays a key role to reduce joint pain.
  • Saliva is a natural hormone that supports the human digestion system. Water keeps developing saliva and makes it regularly.
  • Water is a natural shock absorber and it can protect your spinal cord and brain from sudden shocks.
  • Dehydration results in high blood pressure, while water is almost 90% of your bloodstream. So, it will maintain blood pressure.
  • Dehydration lets asthma and allergies happen, while water prevents such types of disorders effectively.
  • Water is an integral component to support your brain and place orders effectively.
  • Drinking more water will bring you a perfect calm situation, while dehydration may affect your hormones and increase stress.


Are You Punctual to Drink More Water?

Health experts emphasize the men to keep drinking 3.7 liter or 16 glasses of pure, healthy and fresh water a day. They also suggest the women drink 11 glasses or 2.7 liters clean and fresh water daily to stay hydrated and healthy as well. If you come across following signs, then it means you are not drinking the required amount of water in a day.

  • Body cramps

  • Severe headache

  • Infrequent toilet visit

  • Dizziness

  • Craving salt

  • Dry eyes

  • Dark rings under eyes

  • Dry mouth

  • Feeling hot all the time

  • Fatigued etc.

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Ways to Trick Yourself for Drinking Plenty of Water Daily:

You can adopt the following hacks to drink more water and stay hydrated completely.

  • Start your day by drinking one or two glasses of water when you leave the bed and wake up. It will sharpen your brain and let it execute and accomplish complicated tasks easily.

  • Make a habit to drink one glass of water after an hour and repeat this action the whole day regardless wherever you are going or sitting.

  • Involve water intake in your daily routine. Try to drink one glass of water at least after completing a task in office; even it is a smaller one like sending an email to the client.

  • Do you have some troubles to drink plain water continuously? You can add some flavors to change the taste of plain water and make a habit to drink flavored water excessively in your daily routine.

  • Drink more water and try to add some diets and foods in your routine that have enough water naturally. Foods and fruits having enough water can also meet your water needs and put your body on hydration track quite comfortably.

  • Add some other liquids and fluids in your routine along with plain water. Tea, coffee, fresh juices, beverages, and sweetened drinks are fine to meet the drinking needs of your body effectively.

  • Try to keep a water bottle with you wherever you are going. For this; the coldest water bottles are very best to carry enough water quantity that can meet your daily drinking needs quite easily.

  • Do you have a Smartphone device? You can download and install an app to track your daily water intake and encourage yourself regularly to push you drinking more water in next day.

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