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Behind the Scene:

A group of enthusiastic eminent entrepreneurs (famed for ‘The Coldest Bottle’) has recently launched their long-awaited innovation ‘The Coldest Mattress’ – a well-researched product dedicated to athletes and high performers.

What’s the Goal?

To know the answer we have to first visit the basic.

What Do We Need Basically?

A current research suggests that the body’s core temperature actually needs to drop in order to initiate sleep resulting in a better night’s sleep, and also helps to cure insomnia. So we need basically a mattress that not only provides the comfort to relax but should have the capability to bring our body temperature down – a cooling effect that can initiate sleep.

What Do We Get Actually?

The present-day market (online & offline) offers at best

Memory foam mattress (initially developed by NASA) is a single piece of sturdy material that reduces motion transfer and keeps weight off of pressure points hence reduces stiffness. Its spongy feel is soft but firm. Downside: Not suitable for a heavy person, releases gasses of unpleasant smell and most importantly offer no place for body heat to escape and therefore, sleep hot.

Gel mattress/Gel infused Foam mattress seems to alleviate the heat problem slightly better than traditional foam mattresses. You may feel cool when you first lay on them. Downside: But after being in contact with the material for a few moments the hot feeling returns. That is because the gel is conductive; it takes on the temperature of the surrounding environment – once warm, you feel warm.

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What’s The Solution?

The solution is the answer to the previously asked question ‘What’s their goal?

‘The Coldest Water’ team have got to the bottom of the problem discussed above and after couple years of dedicated research and development with their in-house team of mattress experts, filing for patent for their proprietary Technological achievement (Coldest Fusion Weave™, Coldest Ripple Airflow System™ and Coldest Anti-Heat Dispersion Layer™) came up with the innovative product ‘The Coldest Mattress’ may be coined as ‘The ultimate Mattress’. Let’s check it out.

Goal to Introduce the Coldest Mattress:

To beat the heat by introducing the 1st ‘The Coldest Mattress’ built distinctively for coldness. The mattress designed with Coldest Ripple Airflow System™ combined with The Coldest Fusion Weave™ will provide contour airflow and pressure relieving comfort, reduces motion transfer and support responsive, resilient, and reflexiveness than regular memory foam available on the market. The mattress in-built with their Technological innovations is a ‘wonder’ product that almost defied the laws of Thermodynamics keeping you cool although the night by its Coldest Anti-Heat Dispersion Layer™ that helps to escape your body heat.

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The Coldest Mattresses are Suitable for all Climates:

Almost all regions/climate that keep you awake at night of heat and sweat. For all individuals especially athletes, sports person and high performers, it is the ultimate choice as after a cool-good night sleep your body and mind is recharged with full energy to take the day’ challenge.


No need to plug in the mattress and less use of fans saves electricity.

Lowers Disease Risk:

A cool-good night sleep will help to reduce the risk of diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, etc. It may also help to control obesity and natural melatonin levels.

Size Options:

The Coldest Mattresses are available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

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Product Confidence:

120 day home trial


The Coldest Mattresses are manufactured in company’s USA factories.


The Company boasts of its customer satisfaction. Check Review.

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