Growler Backpack: A Creative and Modern Travel Companion for Everyone

Are you a frequent traveler? Well, this is good but there are so many problems you might have seen during travel. One of the biggest traveling problems for the travelers is proper packing and bagging. The Coldest Water always comes with quality options and facilities. Recently, we have launched our new Growler Backpack which is an amazing packing option for travelers as well as for athletes.

Who can use Growler Backpack?

As a matter of fact, it is a multipurpose backpack. It contains lots of features and options for the users. This bag has been designed by combining features of rucksack and travel pack. Now you have a top-loader as well as sports bag in one product. This bag is suitable for the hikers, climbers, athletes, cyclists, outdoorsmen and adventure travelers.

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What are Main Features of Growler Backpack?

The Coldest Water is proud to offer a backpack with multiple features. These are the amazing features making this backpack an ideal packing opportunity for users. We are going to list some important features of this backpack below.

  • It has massive side pockets. These side pockets have a research-based design. This design is a result of engineering work.
  • The Coldest Water has used top quality materials to make this backpack. Don’t be worried about network, pockets, stitching, fabric, and straps. All these things come with a full guarantee.
  • Special Rain Jacket is a prominent feature of Growler Backpack. This rain jacket makes the backpack waterproof. It was a big demand by travelers. We have fulfilled by using rain jacket.
  • A unique product indeed. Yes, it is a special backpack in all aspects. It has a unique structure, design, and style. In simple words, it is like no other in the market.
  • The pack size of Growler Backpack is 65L. It is an ideal pack side which supports the travelers to fit most of the important gears.
  • We have also added specialized Expansion Pockets. These pockets can be expanded and folded back whenever required.

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Excellent Weight Distribution:

The Growler Backpack is an engineering-based product. Our engineers have studied different aspects of weightlifting and carrying. After thorough research, they finally got success to divide the weight packed in the backpack. Fortunately, Growler Backpack puts 70 % of total packing weight on hips of the users while rest of the 30 % weight remains on shoulders. In this way, it enables the users to travel, walk, trek or climb with this backpack. You will never feel exhausted just because of the heaviness of the gears present in the pack.

Perfect Pack Sizing:

As mentioned above, the Growler Backpack has a pack size of 65 L. The pack sizes of common backpacks range from 55 to 70 L. There is no need to buy below 55 L and above 70 L if you want to stay comfortable. The Coldest Water has selected a middle-value in order to keep the travelers fresh and easy while walk, climb and trek. Immediately visit The Coldest Water store to pick our special Early Bird deals on the backpack.