The Coldest Water has recently introduced an amazing backpack for travelers and athletes. Our Growler Backpack contains ideal features making buyers ready to add it to cart. Why is this backpack being popular? Well, there are so many reasons behind it. Today, we are going to discuss the modern features of The Growler Backpack. This will explain how it helps the travelers and athletes during travel.

Why The Growler Backpack?

Traveling is a fun. It keeps the life in motion. Everything from lifestyle to technology should be determined to support the users wherever they go. The Growler Backpack ensures whatever you keep and the store will travel safe and easy. It makes backpacking stylish. For decades, The Coldest Water has been creating the ideas to handle life. We offer a product with superior quality and smart design. This will offer exclusive style, performance and travel gear packing.

Travel Backpack

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Built In A Unique Way:

The very first claim by The Coldest Water about The Growler Backpack is the uniqueness. This backpack is like no other. It is our claim and we are ready to accept any challenge for it. This product is a combination of various features. We have tried to produce it in a special way so there will be no fault in the designing.

An Engineering Based Product:

First of all, The Growler Backpack is a result of intensive research work done by our engineers. Our coldest engineers have collected reviews, feedbacks, and suggestions before creating a design for this backpack. Fortunately, we get success while combining the essential features in it. We used high-quality materials to ensure the durability. Unlike other commercial backpacks, The Growler Backpack comes with high durability and it is only because of the quality materials used according to engineering aspects.

Travel Backpack

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Massive Side Pockets:

This is an incredible addition to The Growler Backpack. Massive side pockets have become a popular feature of this product. There was a time when travelers were required to buy plastic bags to keep electronics safe. Our growlers don’t need it anymore. They can use the specialized massive pockets modified in the form of separated chambers. These chambers can be used to keep data cables, power cables, electronic gadgets (iPhone and iPod). Don’t worry about the waterproofing. These massive side pockets are completely water resistant. Your gadgets or gears will remain safe inside even when it is rain outside.

Fit All Gears:

Now it is easy to fit all the important gears including clothes, shoes, hats, and others in The Growler Backpack. This backpack comes with a size of 65 L which is an ideal dimension. According to travel experts, backpacking facility should not be less than 55 L and greater than 70 L. The Coldest Water has set it for 65 L which makes the travelers easy and comfortable.

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