Coldest 1 Gallon Water Bottle Helps you to Drink More Water:

With oxygen, water is the element that the body can’t possibly do without. The body is composed of about 70% water, it is necessary to regularly renew its stock to keep it well hydrated. The Coldest Water tells you why and how to stay hydrated all day!

Renew the Hydration of the Body:

Throughout the day, the body is in action and loses water in different forms. On an average per day, the human body discharges 1 liter of water through the urine and secondly 1 liter into the stool, perspiration or breathing. These 2 liters, it is necessary to renew them!

On the other hand, it should be known that the water losses are higher in hot weather for example, or in case of physical activity or illness. It is, therefore, necessary to think of adapting water consumption accordingly. However, the requirements will change according to the age and human corpulence.

Note: Drink Water

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Knowledge to Hydrate:

There is not only water! Water is present in the number of fruits and vegetables: some of them are composed up to 80% of water! Dairy products are also a good source of hydration. Thus, one also hydrates while eating.

Improve Intestinal And Urinary Transit:

Drink improves intestinal transit. Indeed, one of the consequences of a lack of hydration is constipation. Consuming enough water helps prevent it, but also prevents cystitis.

Note: Drink Water

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Drain and Eliminate Toxins:

Drinking plenty of water helps to eliminate toxins and waste from our bodies, through urine and sweat. The kidneys act as filters: they filter the blood in order to rid it of the elements that pollute it. This waste is then diluted in the water, which the body will evacuate through the urine.

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Help Nutrients to Be Absorbed By the Body:

Water plays a key role in the decomposition and digestion of food. It acts as diluents for foods, vitamins, and minerals during digestion. Indeed, the water will carry the different nutrients inside the body and thus allow better absorption of the latter by the body.

Note: Drink Water

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Regulate Body Temperature:

Drinking enough water is also necessary to regulate body temperature, both for heating and cooling. When it’s hot, body cooling is done by sweating. The body thus evacuates a lot of water, which must be renewed so that the body can continue to do its work of cooling.

To know: It is also important to drink water when it’s cold! Why? The body struggles to keep warm, which makes it expend energy and increases the risk of dehydration.

Note: Drink Water

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Improve The Quality of Skin:

It can’t be said enough: Hydration of the skin goes through the hydration of the body. Drinking a lot of water guarantees a better quality of the skin. Indeed, to ensure a good interior hydration is to ensure a good cell renewal.

A key: hydrated skin, plump and in good shape!

Help in Weight Loss:

Consuming more water helps to eat less. Indeed, drinking at the table or just before eating helps to calm the feeling of hunger. The water comes to fill the stomach; the feeling of satisfaction will be faster.

Note: Drink Water

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Act As a Lubricant:

A well-hydrated body; it is a well-lubricated body! We need water to be able to produce fluids that lubricate our body, be it tears, saliva … We must know that it is essential for the proper functioning of the body. For example, the lungs need moisture to function properly. This is also the case for the joints and the muscles. A good lubrication of these last ones makes it possible to reduce the risk of injuries such as sprains or tears. The arteries, on the other hand, need water to dilute the blood and thus prevent the formation of clots.

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Take Action Bring Coldest 1 Gallon Water Bottle and drink More Water:

To stay healthy, it is recommended to drink more water daily during the day. The challenge so easy!

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