It is a reminder to all about the benefits of water on our body.

Water constitutes 60% of the body in the adult and up to 75% in the newborn. Our body does not contain a reserve of water and it is necessary to compensate lost water that is eliminated by perspiration or urine and other ways.

The question is how?

The Answer is keeping one gallon water bottle and drinking water regularly.

The Benefits of Hydration:

Hydration helps to maintain your health. It is an established fact, known to everyone. What we may have less knowledge that how much hydration is a guarantee of our physiological balance. First, it removes toxic substances from the body. To eliminate them, the kidneys must do their work by draining this waste out of our body.

1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle

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What is the Best Way?

To drink water- Keep one gallon water bottle along with you. We recommend having the coldest one gallon water bottle that keeps the water fresh and cold for 36+ hours.

Moreover, the hydration also makes it possible to regulate its temperature. It plays a major role in maintaining a constant temperature inside the body and even more so in case of fever.

Did You Know?

The food supplies an average of 1 liter of water a day, which should be supplemented by the drink which must, therefore, reach 1.5 liters per day (consumption benchmark proposed by the European Food Safety Authority). Today, let us remember that the majority of our fellow citizens do not reach this recommendation and overlook that water is the only essential drink.

Beware of Dehydration:

Water is the main source that regularly adjusts the needs of the body. It may vary due to age, climate and work nature in a limited way. Not drinking enough water can cause dehydration. It is commonly seen in children and the elderly. And, its consequences can be dramatic: in the infant, a loss of weight by dehydration which reaches 10% imposes a hospitalization of urgency. So it is important to keep a good water bottle to keep your family hydrated. We recommend buying the coldest one gallon water bottle as it the best-recommended water bottle.

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Adopt the Right Actions:

Accustom children to drink water regularly.

Drink in small amounts many times during the day.

Remember to drink more when it’s hot, even if you’re not thirsty. Thirst is a late sign of dehydration.
Regularly drink babies, very sensitive to dehydration especially in case of high surrounding temperature, diarrhea or fever.

Some Tips for Hydration:

We all know that drinking is important, but we do not do it. So, we give you some tips and tricks to help you drink the 2 liters of water that our body needs every day!

Keep Coldest One Gallon Water Bottle with You:

The water bottle size will be decided by you: 64 oz or One Gallon Water Bottle, it’s up to you! If you opt for a small bottle, you know that you have to fill it 4 times during the day to have consumed your water quota. It is better to have coldest one gallon water bottle. In the office, at home or on the move, always have your water bottle to hand to encourage you to drink.

Pimp Your Water:

Who said you have to drink pure water to hydrate yourself? Tea, herbal tea, diluted lemon juice, mint leaves … In your water bottle, vary the pleasures! However, prefer unsweetened drinks that are better for your health. Also think about plant waters, like Aloe Vera juice or coconut water.

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Create Your Hydration Routine:

Make hydration a habit by setting a routine that will allow you to reach your goal. Namely: Keep the coldest one gallon water bottle for the drink at regular intervals.

Do not wait to be Thirsty:

It is extremely important not to wait until you feel thirsty to drink. If you are thirsty, you are already starting to suffer from dehydration. Do not wait for it to happen!

As you can see, drinking is vital. For both indoor and outdoor use, hydrating your body is extremely important for staying healthy and ensuring the proper functioning of your body.

So say thanks to the reusable stainless steel coldest one gallon water bottle for better Health!

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