I will always remember my grandmother’s recommendations. One of them was drinking eight big glasses of water a day. So when I was visiting her home, I tried to drink my eight glasses as quickly as possible and told myself that everything would be settled for the rest of the day. In elementary school, teachers had exactly the same speech. They told us that we had to drink water because it was good for health. However, it was never explained why it was important to drink, and the benefits that my body would draw from this liquid which, for me, was colorless, odorless and honestly, unpleasant to swallow. Then, when I decided to change my lifestyle and give up my obese body, I started to hydrate myself. I discovered that water was essential for a healthy body, no matter how old we were. Why is it so important to drink more? Here are the answers!

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Return to the Basis:

Our body is about 65% water. Without food, you will be able to manage to survive for a while. However, without water, this period will be radically shortened. It’s clear: without it, there is no life!

Effects of Water on the Body

Not only is water necessary for life, but it also allows:

-Hydrate the tendons

-To lower body temperature when the weather is very hot

-To cause certain chemical reactions in the body that stimulates, among other things, the production of energy and the elimination of fats

-Control the appetite. If you are hungry, try to drink a glass of water before eating. This could allow you to wait until the meal is read and served.

Miniaturization during Training:

When practicing medium to high-intensity workouts, your body must activate its natural thermostat to stabilize your body temperature. This phenomenon is called sweating. Throughout the duration of the activity, your body will evacuate water, sometimes in large quantities. If you do not take the necessary measures to rehydrate well, you will see your physical performance diminish little by little. So, it is necessary to keep the water bottle always filled with liquid. In addition, the more dehydrated you are and the more your blood will get thicker, it will force your heart to work much harder. So when you do physical activity, consider consuming 1 liter per hour. If you can’t, start with 500 ml and increase gradually. Keep the Stainless Steel Reusable Coldest Water Bottle to stay hydrated.

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How to Recognize Dehydration:

As soon as you perceive thirst, it is a sign of dehydration. This is because the hypothalamus (a tiny region located at the base of the brain that plays a vital role in the autonomic nervous system and endocrine system) is alerted by too much blood concentration. You should not take this symptom lightly and, as soon as it appears, hydrate yourself with the carrying water bottle! If you do not remedy the situation, your thirst will become more intense, your tongue and your lips will dry up and you may feel more and more disoriented. Of course, the risks that you get there are very low. However, I wanted you to make understand how important water is to your body.

Tips To Increase Your Water Consumption:

1) Whether at work or during training, always have a Coldest Water Bottle in your possession. When thirst is felt, all you have to do is open the bottle.

2) Before having breakfast, drink a glass. This will allow you to start your hydration process.

3) When you eat, instead of consuming soft drinks or juices that contain sugar, go for water.

4) Always keep the Coldest Water Bottle 1 Gallon in which you have put slices of lemon and lime. It will make you feel like you’re drinking something else.

5) The display on the fridge a sheet on which you have written X number of glasses to drink each day. This way, every time you open the fridge door, you will remember that you need to consume.

6) When going out or on work, always keep the coldest bottle for a regular drink.

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Your challenge!

Although the human body is an incredible machine, you must try to maintain well. Even if you are an extraordinary athlete and you seem to be at the peak of your fitness without liquid, you will not go far. For my part, I make a point of drinking at least 2 liters a day: it helps me to maintain a constant level of energy throughout the day. This week, I challenge you to drink one to two liters a day. I am sure you will be able to feel the benefits after only a few days. Never forget to carry your coldest water bottle along with you.

The Coach’s Word:

For several years, fast food has a bad push. This food is very rich in calories but harmful to health. It could also have an impact on our mood. In fact, research published in the journal Public Health Nutrition revealed that, over a period of six years, the people who ate fast food regularly are on the risk of suffering from depression could increase by 41%. Researchers attributed this to the fact that the high levels of Trans fat in food would interfere with the brain’s ability to produce certain neurotransmitters that affect mood. Here’s another good reason to limit our consumption of fast food and to prefer healthy foods.

Keep your Stainless Steel Reusable Coldest Water Bottle for regular intake is important for every person to keep them healthier!