The single-most effective way to contribute to the health of the environment is to reduce the generation of waste. Not all products which go into trash are recycled effectively and it is still an effort that is in the making. While recycling might be a very effective solution to the conversion of waste into fresh raw material, it involves the expenditure of energy to accomplish the same. This is why you should switch to reusable water bottles as you are not contributing to the ever-growing cycle of production and regeneration and also not surely to the generation of waste that gets dumped into the environment as litter.

Essential features of a reusable water bottle

While durability is paramount, what is almost equally important is the ease of cleaning the bottle and the related ability of the material to let go of those molecules that cling on to the interiors. The next requirement is for the bottles to be made of a material that does not have even a negligible amount of unwholesome aspect to it. Next is the utilization which is the experience you have of partaking of cold water or other fluids from it. You would need to be able to sip without any hindrance or discomfort. Third comes the ability of the bottle to hold its contents over any kind of placement, either tossed about or placed in any haphazard way as a bottle that leaks howsoever slightly is not going to be of any use in the long run. Fourth is the design of the bottle with regard to how it can be carried. If the design has features that enable easy handling, it is going to be a constant companion and will always be serving you wherever you might be going. Then, we take a look at the weight of the product as it needs to be as light as possible so that you always grab it without any second thought. Next come the looks. You would want a bottle that fits in with you in all environments as a stylish or at the least a minimally aesthetic appearance. And the last aspect and one which will be a crucial factor for why you should switch to reusable water bottles is a reasonable cost for all of these features.

 why you should switch to reusable water bottles

What we never probably knew all along

While we are slowly getting to terms with what our activities do to the ecology, it is still a long way before we are fully knowledgeable about the innumerable materials that we make use of and which we are inevitably going to discard in the course of each year. The important element of this discourse is that we do not know the hazards that we are setting up for ourselves and for future generations as we discard any number of materials in our daily lives. While we are probably not having any idea about what hazards are created by electronic goods, plastics are non-degradable which is enough reason for why you should switch to reusable water bottles. In 2013, only nine percent of the plastics that were used and discarded by people in the U.S. were recycled. The total amount of plastics that came into the waste stream was 33 million tons. If you remove the roughly three million tons that were recycles, you have thirty million tons of plastics that were going into the waste system and you would have contributed to this quantity every time you bought a plastic water bottle and then discarded it. When you select a high-quality water bottle, you have all-time access to the coldest water and all of the benefits that cold water serves out to your body, some of which might really be a surprise to you.

 why you should switch to reusable water bottles

Now that you know why you should switch to reusable water bottles,

What else can you do to reduce the strain on the environment?

Packaging is one of the substances that are really extraneous and can be avoided. You can opt to purchase items that have low packaging. One way of doing so is to buy bigger quantities. If you buy several numbers of a product over a particular period, you can help reduce the wastage created from the packaging by going in for a larger quantity. Other than packaging, what you can really do is to try and maintain a variety of stuff so that their utilization is extended. More often than not, we tend to discard an item at the first possibility to do so. This is most common when faced with appliances that are showing a bit of age and the occasional repair. You can imagine what it takes to build a brand new product and to transport it to the store where you will buy it. Next, you have to think about buying items that you will not need regularly. You should not buy items that you are just going to keep idle for large amounts of time. You can instead look to hire it from someone to meet your purpose. Always remember that each product that you buy has been manufactured with the expenditure of energy.

Look for places where you can give your used stuff

If you have something that you have outgrown or which you do not have much use of, you can look to give it to someone or an entity that needs the particular object. There are quite a number of organizations that you can find on the net that accept any number of used objects and products including clothing. If your wardrobe is running packed, you can reduce it effectively by ensuring that it is of use to someone else, maybe someone who is living in another continent. With such shipments being made by specialized organizations, we become a big global family that shares what it has so that every single object is used to last its full life before it is sent to either recycling or to the refuse.

 why you should switch to reusable water bottles

Why you should switch to reusable water bottles

Now, returning to our original concept, the creation of water bottles from stainless steel with the capability of 24-hour temperature retention is an excellent ally in your need for cold water through the day. The main element that you would want to ensure is that the bottles do not have any BPA in them. Another area that needs caution is the retention or emission of odor. Both of these aspects are totally contrary to the very effort of keeping cold water at hand at all times as they take out both the health element as well as the joy element of cold water. With regards to the health element of cold water, there are quite a lot of contributing efforts including that of relieving pain.

A bottle that has all of the design features that make it a superlative product is one that can help you contribute to the environment through the years. With a bottle made of stainless steel, you can forget about needing to worry about whether it would sustain any damage. When you have got your own superlative stainless steel bottle, you can keep it clean to the highest degree possible as stainless steel has the best possible physical construction to be totally resilient from any kind of chemical or physical reactivity with either cold water or with any other fluid that you might be carrying. With stainless steel, you know that you are going to enjoy the purest extent of taste as well as the simplest of efforts to clean it up. When you have the coldest water on hand with a bottle that is built for the purpose as well as for ease of handling, you know that you can keep yourself fresh and energized right through the work day or the outdoor activity. Both at work and at play, having cold water by your side at its chilled best makes you attuned to strive more and keep cool. When you are travelling, you can also fill your bottle with mixed drinks that add to the occasion and the activities. When you are fully cognizant of why you should switch to reusable water bottles, you will not have any occasion where you add to refuse when travelling thereby ensuring that your national and global footprint is one that is of a responsible global citizen.

 why you should switch to reusable water bottles

More stuff you can do at home with reuse

Your garden is one of the places where you spend quite a lot of energy with regards to watering it and with regard to its upkeep with regard to using machines. When these machines do their job, they are bound to stay idle for quite awhile. With this in mind, you can set up a partnership with your neighbors so that these appliances can be shared among the community. This helps in keeping the accumulation of machinery to a minimum. With a garden, almost all stuff that gets discarded in your kitchen can be of utilization as compost. This includes the ashes from your fireplace.

Of course, the more you are able to do your gardening duties with the good old devices and instruments that do not require electric power the better. This can be a part of the overall health consciousness that you have developed and are developing. People in the outdoors are always looking to have the coldest water with them and it keeps them connected with the pleasures of physical exercise and working up a sweat with running or trekking can make up some of the best moments in our lives.

When you have the coldest water with you in the best-designed water bottle that is out there, you will be more eager to walk and to use public transportation as you have a great stress-reliever and feel-good factor with you all the time. And just like how a lean physique is the epitome of good physical health, the concepts behind why you should switch to reusable water bottles and the other steps to reduce your household goods and products are related to the health of the environment. When you do not have too many products clogging every space in your home, you can expect to have quite a lot of free space as well as quite an easy time with regard to keeping your home clean and well-organized.

With each product that you acquire and the packaging that you strip away, you are piling on more stuff onto the environment with most of them being non-degradable. Imagine the situation that will develop fast when this mountain of garbage acquires dimensions that make it impossible to address them. We would then become victims of our behavior and activities and would be longing for the greenery and the spaces that we always cherish and which makes life an extraordinary pleasure. Imagine having a barren land that is full of discarded machinery and billions of tons of plastic. While some part of plastic can indeed be recycled, we have to remember that there is no getting away from the plastic that we have on our hands. It will either stay as garbage or it might get recycled into more plastic. Surely not all of it!

When we are aware of what we are building towards to with our reckless utilization of plastic, why you should switch to reusable water bottles will be what each of us will be telling the other. To switch away from the bleak vision of a plastic-laded life, let us start to look at the longevity and the excellent physical characteristics of stainless steel for the purpose of carrying water. You have the coldest water to accompany you through all of the workloads and excursions that you go through, keeping you connected with the best element of nature in the best form that it can be partaken of. Each of your internal and external features are best sustained with water and when you have cold water, you have a sense of relish that is all about feeling good.