What is a Muscle Sprain?

Commonly we hear two terms “Muscle Strain” or “Muscle Sprain” usually related to the pain in body parts. Remember, these share similar types of symptoms and signs but their involvement differs in the body parts.

Muscle sprain is a type of tearing or stretching of the ligaments. Ligament is a tough band of tissues which is found between the two joints. In simple words, a ligament connects two joints or bones in the body. Among the joints or bones, the most common place for the muscle sprain is the ankle.

What is initial treatment?

Have you been diagnosed with muscle sprain? Well, you will need initial treatment to avoid further expansion. You will need to have icing, rest or compression. According to some orthopedics, patients should utilize elevation technique to control the muscle sprain. There is no need to take tension with the mild sprains. Actually, you can treat this pain by using the ice pack.

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How to ice pack?

Remember, this is a critical application. Using ice cubes requires proper knowledge and precision. It would be better to apply the ice pack on sprain for a definite period with care. You are suggested to bring Coldest Water Large Ice Pack with straps. This is a specialized product which helps the patients to enjoy benefits of icing on the body. This ice pack has been developed using the concept of Ice Therapy. It has excellent features offering quick relief and comfort to the muscle sprain patients. Following are the features of Large Ice Pack.

  • An ideal cold therapy option for professionals and athletes.
  • Best for performing sports.
  • Quick injury or pain relief.
  • Treats ankle sprains, muscle pain, stiff neck and stomach aches.
  • It is reusable.
  • 100 % after-sale services.

Symptoms of muscle sprain:

Generally, the muscle sprain shows following symptoms. However, the symptoms may vary depending on the situation or severity.

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Limited movement of joints.
  • Feeling or a “Pop” in the muscle or joint at the moment of injury.

Ice Pack

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Bring the Large Ice Pack with straps:

This ice pack is a considerable cold therapy option designed by The Coldest Water. This ice pack comes with straps so the users can fasten it around for better therapy. The reusable gel technology makes it last longer. It would be better to wrap the ice pack around the injury for quick control. You can use it for 10 to 20 minutes. There will be no skin burning as it has a layer of smooth fabric which keeps the skin protected.

When to visit a physician?

Muscle sprains with mild situation can be treated without supervision of experts with Large Ice Pack with straps. However, it is recommended to see a doctor if the situation is worst. Injuries may cause severe sprains. For example, fracture is a type of injury which can’t be treated at home, your affected joint is jammed or if severe numbness appears in any part of the body. These are situations in which you should contact a doctor immediately.