How to SUCCESSFULLY do a Coldest Unboxing (Part 1)

Did you know that YOUTUBE gets 1.9 billion log- ins every month. The best advice I was ever given was go to where the traffic is. In this email, I will share with you an epic case study on a fellow Coldest Ambassador that I luckily stumbled upon today, her channel is called KingdomSeekers . Subscribe, like, and support this fellow ambassador!

Reasons we love this video:

1. Interest and excitement into opening the bottle. Real authentic curiosity and enthusiasm to unbox the product. It was as if we were in the room, sitting across from her, and were on the edge of our seat with anticipation to what was inside. Un-Boxing’s on youtube by default draw interest and curiosity. One of the main selling points for any product is to create a sense of curiosity for the viewer to engage in more whether it is a click-through or what. Remember, once a visitor clicks through your link, as long as they make a purchase in 90 days, if they clicked through your link first, you will gain commission to the sale.

Axiom: Every communication should be a personal one, from the
writer to the recipient, regardless of the medium used.

2. Title of the video has perfect SEO (search engine optimization). This allows search engines to locate anyone that is curious of what is inside of a Coldest Water bottle searching on youtube to discover her channel. Simple and effective.

3. Product Referral Link in Description: States a Call to Action (Shop The Coldest Water) and then proceed with a referral link

4. Join The Coldest Water Team Link in Description: She makes it easy to join the team and become an ambassador under her network. If they make a sale, she also makes a commission. This is the key to long term growth and scale. Imagine have 10s, hundred, or thousands of ambassadors in your network…you would never have to work again. Short term sales are great, but long term building is epic.

5. Content –

After watching this video, kingdom seekers hit all the key checkboxes to solid marketing. She discussed why it was different, unique features, provided an example of how much value brushes are to clean the bottle & straws and how competing bottles do not provide this value.

6. Call to Action – This is one of the most important part of a sale and what separates a successful influencer marketer to just an influencer. If you don’t provide a call to action to the audience, they simply won’t take action.

7. Comment Section: Her review was so well received, I couldn’t find one negative comment. In fact, there were 32 thumbs ups, and 0 thumbs down. When you create quality content, you receive quality results. Create content that provides value and answers a viewers curiosity, or solves a pain point.

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February 09, 2019 — Joseph Ahmad