This is Part 2 of 3 in our unboxing series.Unboxing videos, an industry that supposedly is a multi-million industry now, is a phenomenon of today that is truly remarkable, with all kinds of product getting their own unboxing videos, not only the latest Apple Watches or iPhones but even the most obscure unboxing videos get MILLION of views. If you plan to make sales, an unboxing is a sure way to do it.
In this email, will share with you 5 quick tips to make the most out a Coldest Water Unboxing Video.

1. Do your research

Before you rip open your new package it’s a good idea to know a bit about its quirks and features, so you don’t “hum” and “ahh” your way through the video. Make a list of the things you want to show and print it out so you can glance at it if you forget what you were supposed to do.

2. Get it out of the box ASAP

Don’t risk losing your audience in the beginning because you’re struggling to get the box opened. Is your box taped shut with meters of scotch tape? Do some prep work on the packaging so you can get it out of the box in a flash so you don’t slow down the tempo of the video.

3. Turn it on!

Well duh. As soon as you have your new gadget out of the box it’s important that your hook it up as soon as possible. Upstart time is important and if it takes a long time to power it up it’s better to turn it on straight away and talk through the process than it is to talk first and then turn it on. Try to be effective and don’t waste time.

4. Demo, demo, demo

Now it’s time to demo your new gadget. Use your list that you printed for guidance and go through the main features of your product. Your research will come in handy here when you narrate what you’re doing.

5. Engage with your viewers

Make sure to engage with your viewers and end your unboxing video by asking some questions. If you just end with “that’s all folks”, people won’t be that inclined to engage with you and subscribe to your YouTube channel. Ask for people’s opinion about the product, that way you might get answers that could lead to more videos and a bigger following.

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February 09, 2019 — Joseph Ahmad