Types of Sprains and How to Heal

The Sprain is actually a type of specific injury that involves stretchiness and problems in soft tissues. The joints of the human bones have soft tissues around them for the smooth and consistent flow of blood. If these joints twist randomly and against the natural movement, then a severe pain occurs. This pain will lead the sprain that may last for few days or longer depending on the intensity of injury. If a person comes across some types of sprains, he must go for an immediate recovery with the help of Ice Pack Therapy.

Types of Sprains:

Every injury or muscle problem is not a sprain. There are three basic degrees of the sprain. Each type has some specific signs and symptoms, while they all have almost similar treatments. Whenever a person experiences any of the sprains, he will be unable to continue physical movement and activities. Further, severe pain, swelling, and stiffness are major signs of these sprains. The ligament in all sprains gets affected and damaged due to extra pressure on the muscles and joints. It is recommended that you must use ice packs for urgent pain relief. Degrees of the sprain is;

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i) Degree One:

It will give you severe pain, swelling and minor damage to the ligament.

ii) Degree Two:

This is a serious sprain that gives a feeling of losing movement function and the joints. It delivers intensive pain and jerks to the patients.

iii) Degree Three:

This degree of sprain is more chronic that tears the ligament and causes painful shocks. It will assure the patients that they have lost their muscles and joints. Functions of injured part become either slow or unable to work. In all the cases, you must use Ice Pack Therapy to reduce the pain.

Are All Critical?

In the most medical surveys, it has been repo5rted that first degree of sprain is not a critical condition. It can be healed and recovered fast by the applications of some medicines, physical workouts, and cold therapy. However, the rest two degrees of sprains are more chronic and painful. They are a bit challenging to be treated and recovered completely. In many cases, it has been proved that second degree of sprain can also be cured with ice packs and some other remedies that heal this injury quickly. The third degree of sprain is a sensitive injury that needs best applications of right treatments and great take care.

Quick Recovery by the Coldest Ice Pack:

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How to Treat Sprains?

It is time to know the best ways and treatments that recover a patient from all degrees of sprain. In the following, most suitable measures have been explained.

Bed Rest:

Rest can relieve pain and let the damaged parts of your muscles recover fast and completely.


If a physician applies compression techniques to the injury, it will help the recovery process.

Ice Pack Application:

Ice packs are best remedies to cure the sprains of all degrees. However, the final degree of a sprain may or may not be recovered by the ice application.


You need to raise your injured part of the body above your heart. This elevation will help you in restoring functions and movement of the sprained area or part. Always keep the ice pack with for faster relief.