The Best Water Bottle of 2018

We all need that one water bottle that will stand out from the rest, not only because of how cool and great it looks, but also because it gives you the highest level of function. The Coldest water premium water bottle doesn’t only look good on the outside, but does an amazing job on the inside. I’m not talking about just a water bottle that you can rely on in terms of keeping your liquids at hand, I am talking about the most amazing bottle that lets your water stay ice cold for as long as you need it and even longer.

Get The Coldest Water Bottle

Here’s why I love and recommend The Coldest Water premium water bottles:

  1. It allows your water to stay cold for up to 36 hours or even more. How cool is it to own a water bottle that can make your water stay cold for almost two days? Let’s say, you forgot your water bottle in a car on a hot sunny day in the temperature of 100 degrees. Guess what? When you come back in your car hours later or even the next day, you’ll still have your same cold water the day before. How amazing is that?
  2. The Coldest water premium water bottles are environmentally safe. They are eco-friendly with 100% BPA-free and Toxin free. This means that it is not harmful to the environment and does not contribute to air, water and land pollution.
  3. It is built with the highest quality materials. The water bottles are lightweight but very durable, solid and strong. With its thick stainless steel components, you will not think twice into buying The Coldest Water premium water bottles. It is just the best among the rest.
  4. It has the perfect sizes for all uses. Not too big and not too small. It even fits big ice cubes. Perfect for outdoor and sports activities.
  5. Odor resistant. One thing I love about this water bottle is that even for long periods of time, it does not have any bad smell. The water always stays fresh and odorless.
  6. The Coldest water premium water bottles has a non-leak enclosed bacteria resistant cap, which is a very good feature to have. Most other water bottles contains Bis-phenol A an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastic and it is very harmful to human body. The coldest water wants to make sure that you won’t have to worry about harmful substances in their water bottles.

Although The Coldest Water premium water bottles was initially built for professional athletes in high performing sports, it is also great for everyday living. Whether you’re into sports or working out, indoors and outdoor activities or plainly just hanging out in the beach with some friends, staying hydrated with the Coldest water bottle is the best way to go. It is very important to stay hydrated specially with physical activities that requires a lot of energy.

There are many ways to stay hydrated:

Always bring a water bottle with you at all times. To save money, buy a reusable water bottle, of coarse my favorite one is The Coldest water premium water bottle because I like my water cold at all times.

Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise or workout.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, they are packed with electrolytes that aids in hydration. Here are some fruits and vegetables that have high-water content:

1. Watermelons 7. Grapefruit

2. Cucumbers 8. Pineapple

3. Celery 9. Strawberry

4. Cabbage 10. Radish

5. Eggplant 11. Lettuce

6. Cantaloupe 12. Tomato

If you are too busy working and you always forget to drink water, try putting a timer in your phone and take little sips of water here and there. It is very important to stay focus at work. Hydrating yourself helps keep your mind and body to function well.

So if you ever need a water bottle for whatever reason you may have, get the BEST water bottle of 2018. You will never regret it and it is worth every single penny.