Best Insulated Water Bottle for Hiking in the Summers

Hydration is one of the most important concerns for the people who love hiking. People who frequently go for the hiking trips always keep water in bottles. How to keep water fresh and clean? This can be done with the help of The Insulated Bottle. This is a specialized water bottle designed to keep water in fresh condition for longer.

How to prepare for hiking?

Hikers interested to manage the problem of dehydration in the months of summer must keep this water bottle. It offers super features. The specialized features include the following.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Can hold ice cubes of bigger sizes.
  • The structure is super durable.
  • Rubber grip provides extra hold.
  • Easy carrying because of the strong handle.

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Tips for hikers:

We are going to share some useful tips to avoid dehydration while hiking. You are suggested to buy this Insulated Bottle. You are suggested to follow the tips in order to stay safe while enjoying the trip.

Drink water: It would be better to drink 1 or 2 glasses of fresh water before you start hiking from the base camp. Avoid using energy drinks or vitamin syrups at the start.

Avoid use of caffeine: This should be started a week before you go to mountains. Coffee and some cola-based drinks are a rich source of caffeine. This burns most of oxygen in the body and speeds up the water loss.

One quart per hour: This is the formula you should keep in mind. It is a useful point for those who are planning to go for hiking in the summers or when the temperature is high. Keep drinking water from The Coldest Bottle after each hour.

Support fluid replacement: This is normally done with the help of some beverages, energy drinks or vitamin mixtures. It would be better to use sports beverages. This maintains the electrolyte level as well as physical energy.

Drink more fresh water: Never underestimate the thirst. It is a sign of dehydration. Don’t count on your skin color in this matter. Drink more fresh water whenever you feel thirsty. This will help to avoid dehydration especially when the temperature is high.

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Focus on rehydration: There is a need to consume necessary electrolytes. This will help to maintain the fluid level in the body. Potassium and sodium are some important options for rehydration purpose. It would be better to include potassium-rich foods such as citrus, banana shake, orange juice, and lemonade and tomato juice.

Evaluate your physical condition: There are some important symptoms one must note while involved in hiking. Consider the following signs in order to avoid dehydration.

  • Fast pulse rate.
  • General weakness.
  • Loss of body weight.
  • Concentrated or painful urine.

Continue hiking in above mentioned conditions may lead to serious health injuries. You are suggested to keep Buy this Insulated Bottle in order to avoid the muscle breakdown, kidney failure and Sun Stroke. Immediately, visit our store to see the best products and accessories for a comfortable hiking experience.