The Best Water Bottle to Choose For Your Children and You Adults

What water bottle to choose for your children and your adults, to solve the problem of drinking on a trip? In a zero waste approach initiated in my family for a few years, I am looking for many ways to limit my waste and plastics, thrown away and through!

And when traveling, when you can’t drink tap water, you tend to buy a plastic water bottle, which will end up in the sea, depending on the level of recycling of the country’s waste. Images in Italy, in Thailand of beaches stained by all our garbage cans, have strengthened us in our efforts!

Since then, through The Coldest Water Co., we try to offer you eco-friendly products, such as our stainless steel bottles, our insulated water bottles, our ice packs, the coldest mattress, the coldest pillows or our products.

Today, I will try to help you in your choice of a water bottle for a child or adult, who will follow you as long as possible.

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Criteria for Choosing a Water Bottle:

So that your water bottle lasts as long as possible and does not itself become a waste too quickly, it must be chosen according to several criteria:

It’s material,

It’s capacity,

They way of closing …

Which stainless steel, glass, plastic or aluminum material?

The stainless steel children’s bottle

The reusable stainless steel bottles are very trendy right now! But not that, they are also very practical!

Stainless Steel Bottles:


Its advantages: This 18/8 stainless steel bottle does keep the tastes. It is made of healthy and unbreakable material. It is also very easy to clean.


It is heavier than a plastic bottle, it can dent a little, but that will not prevent to use it!

The Plastic Bottle:

Check that the plastic water bottle matches the current standards without BPA!


They are lighter, often more fun for children. They are unbreakable according to the quality of the plastic. Sometimes, they are often cheaper.


The plastic often gives a changed taste to water, in the long run, the plastic is damaged and it is increasingly difficult to clean.

The Glass Bottle:

I have never tested, but here are my thoughts on this material.


Made of healthy material, recyclable, this bottle is very easy to clean! You can wash it can even in the dishwasher!


The biggest defect is its fragility! Give a glass bottle to a child, and it is the risk of finding it in a thousand pieces and the child with a cut. However, there are plastic protections to counter this problem. The other disadvantage is its weight, these are the heaviest water bottles.

If you use this type, please leave us your comment at the bottom of the article!

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Is it Isothermal Water Bottle or Not?

If you have decided to switch to a stainless steel bottle, will answer the question above. The Coldest Bottle is one of the best water bottles that will allow you to have a kind of quality.

The Advantage of the Isothermal:

It keeps the liquids cold or hot! In winter, we go with a little tea to warm everyone during the walk or skiing. In summer, we add some ice cubes to have a cold drink during the various breaks. It is very nice also when you put your bag in the sun.

The Disadvantage:

Most of the brands have larger and wider bottles, which are more difficult to find in the traditional bottle holders.

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But The Coldest Water Company has introduced different size water bottles that are lightweight and best in functions.

In the Forbes 2018 – the coldest bottle rated as “Best Water Bottle”

In Mashable Magazine, the coldest bottle awarded “best for keeping water cold”

What Size to Choose for Your Child’s Bottle?

The capacity will depend on the age of the user and if he must carry his water bottle itself and how.

For children, I recommend a small water bottle as soon as they are 3/4 years old. They will be able to leave the day with a class trip. It’s already good but often depending on the activity not quite enough. Often the water bottle must be quite small so not isothermal!

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21 oz or 32oz is Fine in Normal Condition:

A water bottle 21 oz or 32oz is ideal in a lot of situations, except hiking in a hot country! On a class trip, the guide asked for 21 per person…. to say that no one had sufficient capacity among the children; it took extra bottles of water, all of which were used!

Indeed, an insulated water bottle takes up more space; the bigger it is difficult to carry it normally in the pockets. But the coldest water bottles are perfect to fit anywhere, leak-proof; they don’t sweat. So, you can keep in bags.

How to Choose Your Water bottle Insulated Standard Mouth Flip Top:

Sports spout is ideal for children. By taking it of good quality, the water bottle becomes anti-leak. All these plugs are made of BPA-free plastic, the only material that allows a good seal.

The wide neck on a stainless steel bottle makes it easier to put ice cubes. On the other hand, it is more difficult to drink while moving (as in a car), the water runs on the edges. Same is true with small children who may lift too quickly the water bottle and pour the liquid on them (regularly lived with mini Traveler). The advantage also of the wide neck is for the cleaning which is greatly facilitated, we see the bottom of the bottle and we can insert a bottle brush.

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How Many Bottles per Family?

This is a question that can arise quickly! I think it takes a bottle per person. So everyone can put the drink of their choice in the water bottle. We adopt the capacity of the bottle to the child and its weight (hiking, a child can carry up to 10% of its weight). Or you can buy a 1 Gallon Stainless Water bottle.

For us, it is every time we took all the water bottles to be lighter than the children are thirsty! See our equipment in water bottle underneath!

Our Selection of Water bottles Children and Adults:

The Coldest Bottles:

What makes The Coldest Water feel so magical?

They are an elite team of engineers based in Naples, Florida working day and night to invent the coldest, most superior products. 5 years later, and many patents filed, The Coldest Bottle, The Coldest Pillow, The Coldest Ice Packs were born. Some call it ‘game-changing’ but we just want to build products we are proud of, that we love and use every day, which ultimately, create less waste for the planet.

We built a Colder, beautiful and superior bottle for all age group. They are ecological and reusable. We have 2 types of mouth lid and water bottle accessories.

For my part, I am a follower of the isothermal bottle: I do not like hot water even at room temperature, and very cold, a hot drink allows me to warm up quickly.

I found this in Amazon when we realized that 2 bottles were not enough. It looks like this one, all in 18/8 stainless steel, stainless steel cap. You can get a carrying pouch that serves me well when you leave the house for a walk.

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Use Your Water bottle for an Eco-Friendly Gesture:

You have decided to take the step, but then you have to be vigilant to fully use your bottle! Some useful gestures to avoid giving in to plastic bottles!

A Bottle at Your Fingertips:

Your water bottle must be close to your purse, backpack … so you will think to take it regularly! I always have it with me on a lounge on the train, by car for a trip of more than one hour, with the children!

Fill your Water bottle Abroad:

Nowadays in many countries are offered to hotels with large bottles for tap water, so you can ask to fill your bottle. That’s what I did in Thailand. In Puglia, there were water dispensers in some cities, where they filled from the tap.

If you decide to fill the tap water, check to see if the water is safe in the country! If you wish you can put tablets that make the water drinkable, but it brings a little taste to the water.

Here I hope that this article will have convinced you to go to the stainless steel water bottle, to avoid multiplying plastic bottles in the trash. A first step zero waste very simple to drink for a trip!

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Best Travel Companion:

If you travel often, you know that in some countries, the water is not as good as in Europe, the USA or in other countries. In the USA we are very lucky to have running water and drinking water available!

In some countries, therefore, tap water, although drinkable, is not very clean. And you know how dangerous water can be if it’s contaminated. So it’s better in some countries to consume and buy bottled water well sealed. However, in some countries too, bottled water costs a bit, and it can quickly become a huge budget! As they say better than prevent war, and therefore, I wanted to offer you an alternative solution. Go for the Coldest Water Bottle and never use the plastic. If you buy the plastic bottle, you can pour in your stainless steel water bottle to keep the liquid cool and avoid population in the world.

i Gallon Water Bottle


But enough spoken and coming to the fact, what is the best water bottle to buy in 2019? There are a lot of choices on the internet or even in stores, and not easy to make a choice. Several criteria must be taken into account in addition to the ability to filter and its effectiveness, such as price, capacity, or durability (filter change). I am always in favor of The Coldest Water Bottle because of unbeaten quality.