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How to Drink Water Every Day – Tips and Tricks

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How to Drink Water Every Day – Tips and Tricks to Hydrate Yourself Indoors! K


In this article, we are explaining the importance of hydration. You must understand that even mild hydration can reduce the body’s performance as well as metabolic rate. In general, to preserve your hydration, it is recommended to drink 1.5 liters of water a day. And although it may seem very easy to execute, it is far from the case. So, do not neglect the reflex to hydrate yourself and learn how to drink water every day, here are the top tips that Coldest Water Co. has presented you!

Tips for Learning How to Drink Water Regularly:

Dry mouth, headache, fairly dry skin, constant tiredness, digestive problems, etc. These are just some of the most common symptoms of hydration or lack of water. As a general rule, if you are feeling very thirsty, it is probably because you are already dehydrated enough. So, there is no need to wait to drink water. Pay attention to the signals your body sends you and always keep a water bottle at hand, in the bag, on the bedside table or at the desk, near your computer!


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Before Learning How To Drink Water, What Water To Drink?

Before you learn all the good habits that how to drink water regularly, what water to drink? Tap water, mineral water or spring water? Which one to choose given the fact that the benefits of each of them are completely different? Overview of tap water!

Tap Water:

If you prefer to drink tap water, know that it must meet very strict specific health standards. It is therefore regularly monitored and must meet several dozen quality parameters. The only drawback is that it contains nitrates and chlorine, which can affect the transport of oxygen and damage your intestinal balance.

Spring Water:

As for spring water, it comes directly from a source and has not undergone any treatment. Its composition changes and depends on the source. A regular check of its composition is therefore required!

Mineral Water:

As for mineral water, it contains minerals and trace elements beneficial to the body. It is also very pure. Although it is very pure, you should not drink it every day. To choose your mineral water without any danger for your organism, first of all, examine the label indicating the number of minerals contained in your bottle. The displayed figure must not exceed 300 mg per liter. The ideal is also less than 100 mg.

Filtered Water:

Finally, the best option for those of you who are really having trouble drinking enough water is probably filtered water. Relatively more tasty and easy to drink, the filtered water does not contain chlorine or limestone. As for the minerals, they will be perfectly preserved.


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How to Drink Water More Easily – Good Habits to Adopt

To learn how to drink water regularly, it is essential to make sure you always have water available. So, do not forget to bring a big bottle (1 Gallon Water Bottle) with you and once it’s empty, run fill it with water. Take with you at work, in class, at home … no matter where you are, always have water at your fingertips!


Have a Bottle of Water Always At Hand!

It is also extremely useful to have a bottle of water with you when you are traveling on the bus, the car or the train. So get a coldest bottle, equipped with a convenient cap for long walks or sports sessions, and fill it!

Opt for a Health App to Remind You to Drink:

For those of you replacing water with soda or different juices, it’s your smartphone that comes to your rescue! Indeed, many have already existing health applications!

In addition, it is very easy to find one that can calculate for you the amount of water drunk, as well as estimate the consumption required per day based on your body mass. Convenient and easy to use, these apps will send you reminders so you do not forget to hydrate yourself!


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Drink Water before Eating:

Drinking a large glass of water at least 30 minutes before each meal is a very easy solution to achieve your minimum water intake for the day. By force, this will quickly become a habit for you. This trick is often adopted because it allows you to feel more quickly a feeling of satisfaction. You have to gain everything!

Add Some Taste to Your Water:

You do not really like the taste of water and that’s why you go most often for sweet drinks, known not to be very beneficial or dietary! However, there is a healthy way to make your water more delicious and thus more suited to your personal taste. And in this context, remember the detox water. So, to learn how to drink water more regularly, try one of the tastiest and absolutely healthy proposals! You can carry the infused water in your 1 Gallon Water Bottle. You have better health with glowing skin. I promise!

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