The Best Travel Backpack | The Growler Backpack

Discover the new introduction of the best travel backpack. Now, several questions will arise in your mind. What is the best travel backpack? Which cheap travel backpack to choose? Which travel backpack to choose for the hike?

Introducing Top Travel Backpack in 2018

The Growler Backpack is high-quality travel backpack that provides assurance for a secure and uncomplicated journey. Its adaptation quality to all the situations permits you to move on a journey without any problem or any thought to carry a heavy load. Indeed, this travel backpack has a LightWire frame suspension, which reassigns straps weight to the belts. Its rear panel is planned in such a way that facilitates like aeration.

The manufacturer and designers of the Growler Backpack have thought and planned everything to ensure utmost comfort and easiness to travelers. The belt and shoulder straps reduce the frustration caused by the weight of the backpack.

The inner side of the bag is made of rips nylon; a practical net pocket permits you to keep in several tiny items. Its front panel has a pocket, this is ideal for systematizing the load of the backpack. Two compression belts stabilize the load and hinder it from the move while you moving. It ensures that you will get your items in the same arrangement on your arrival.

The Growler Backpack also has the structure of concealable belt and suspenders. The permanent back panel easily fits without difficulty at the back of the zippered panel. This travel backpack is designed for comfortable traveling, the travel backpack provides slim look also.

There are the best things about any travel backpacks. The Growler Backpack is comfortable, lightweight; secure that fits effortlessly inside a vehicle, a train, a bus, in back of a vehicle, or even an airplane. It is being designed in such a way to occupy minimum possible space.

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Why Buy A Travel Backpack?

After explaining the advantage of the best travel backpacks, it is relevant to ask why to buy a travel backpack. The benefits are many.

Adaptation to all Situations:

Travel opportunities are growing in our time. Last-minute opportunities are sometimes available and it’s not always about cruises or guided trips. You have to know how to be ready for any eventuality. Whatever the type of trip ahead, the Growler Backpack can be quickly prepared for any type of hike. For a short ride, an ultralight hiking backpack is also a good option.

To Pack Light:

The travel bag can be used anywhere and is designed to be transported with minimal effort. Everything is deployed to facilitate a convenient and ergonomic transport. It is, therefore, easier to move from one point to another, while keeping the most important personal effects with you. This is even truer if it is a cabin-size backpack. There is more space to support.

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A Strong Luggage:

Robustness is an important criterion for the traveler who gets a suitcase. Modern travel backpacks now feature this strength feature. They are not only easier to transport, they are also designed to withstand the inevitable weather and shocks that occur during any trip. They can be used for a long time and under any circumstances, without showing signs of wear.

How to Choose a Travel Backpack?


You must first make sure that the shape of the travel backpack fits your figure. It must be of good quality and easily adaptable. The chest strap should not crush your stomach and should not bother you either. You must, therefore, try it before proceeding with the purchase. It should not slide to the sides either.

Weight and Capacity:

If the backpack for travel seems a bit heavy even if it is empty, it will probably be too heavy once filled. you will feel annoyed and complicate your trip if you have to move quickly. Its capacity is also very important. It must contain everything you need for the trip. Some models are extensible. We must look without getting discouraged because models with large capacity and lightweight also exist on the market.

The Number of Pockets:

For many, this seems like a detail, but the pockets of the travel backpacks are very useful and make it easy to store your items. Some backpacks have only one pocket, while others have a pocket with multiple compartments. Zip and mesh pockets are often available on the sides, for example to house a bottle of water that you want to have close at hand. This is also an important criterion for an ultralight hiking growler backpack.

The Price:

The price of the travel backpack is, of course, an important factor to consider. The options you do not need for the type of trip you undertake can result in unnecessary costs. It is certain that a travel Growler Backpack is of better quality when it is more expensive, but there are smaller capacity bags that offer excellent value for money.