An Interesting Story of Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon Development

The Coldest Water holds the pride to present quality and challenging products for professionals and athletes. In order to continue this journey, it has recently launched the first-ever Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon. This is an amazing product which keeps interesting features for people who need bigger water storage.

“It is an ideal bottle which can store 1 gallon of water with rock-solid ice cubes” The Coldest Water spokesman shared the details. In a press release, they also claimed that this bottle is going to be a super storage because of the modern technologies and features. Keeping the reviews and performance of previous products by this company, it is easy to imagine the potential of newly launched Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon.

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How it was Developed?

The Coldest Water received lots of suggestions from experts, travelers, athletes and professionals about the improvements in coldest bottles. Increasing the capacity of water storage in the coldest bottle was the biggest demand of loyal customers. The Coldest Water decided to make these demands true with the help of a large size bottle. However, it was important to maintain all other features in order to keep the reputation of product and company. After the 15 years of engineering research and work, the Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon was finally designed and introduced in the markets.

Superiority Guaranteed:

The Coldest Water always hopes to keep the expectations of customers. It has always tried to offer outstanding features and technologies with its products. Coldest bottles got immense popularity in the world because of ideal water storage options. Similarly, the Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon has come to prove its potential. Buying this water bottle enables the professionals such as construction workers, developers, and others to store 1 gallon of cold water for a long day.

Enjoy Zero Tipping:

Unlike other water bottles or storage options, the Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon doesn’t require the users to tipping overheads. How to carry 1 gallon of water easily? You can learn about it with the help of our newly designed bottle. It has been given a solid handle which enables the users to hold the bottle easily. This bottle has no corners and margins. We have used modern engineering principles to design the shape of Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon. Fully insulated caps provide ease in drinking. Don’t think about frequent opening. Just use the caps and enjoy the coldest sips.

Modern DPI Technology:

What is DPI? Is it a new term? Yes, The Coldest Water introduced a new function or technology which is called DPI. It stands for Drinking, Pouring and Inserting. How does it happen? Actually, the Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon is based on modern multiple integrated cap technology. It provides DPI functions to the users. Now it is very simple to keep the ice cubes in the bottle just because of modern DPI. Standard Flip Top Lid is also present in this bottle. The Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon has a flip top lid. We have designed this lid after an intensive research and engineering work of around 2 years.