I really love the way this cup looks and feels, first and foremost. It’s got a really fun design, easy to hold onto since the stainless steel mug has some grip to it. So, it’s not slippery. I filled it with ice and water and it stayed cold all night long and it didn’t sweat, which is really important to me because I like to set my cups on my bookshelf and I sometimes don’t use a coaster. So, this just makes it super easy when it says it doesn’t sweat and it actually doesn’t. The cup doesn’t even get cold to the touch, which is nice. I would have thought it would have been ice cold with cold beverages in it. . The lid was nice and snug, it was drip-proof and it has a really good water flow that comes from the opening. I’ve had good and bad experiences with the slow flow opening (that does not have a closure–so if you are drinking a warm liquid, there is no way to close the opening) so it has good flow for cold beverages, but it might be a little large for hot beverages, so be careful. I love it so far and I think I am going to purchase the sports cap to go with it since I love a multi-functional beverage cup. Then I can actually eliminate all the cups I currently have and just have a few favorites–esp. if they can go between hot and cold simultaneously.

Review by on May 2, 2016