This tumbler cup I was looking for to put ice coffee In so I needed something that would keep drinks cold for a long time. This cup is very sturdy and is a bit heavy but at-least I know it’s a strong durable cup that will last for years. It’s stainless steel which is a plus means it’s very solid I don’t like to use plastic much glass or stainless steel is better and easier to keep clean don’t have to worry about mold growing inside so it’s safer for me to use. The top is vacuum shut so it won’t just fall off and spill everywhere, The only thing I’m worried about is the mouth area on the top I think it can still spill out your drink but not much a problem. It’s good for athletes or high performers, everyday people so it can fit everyone lifestyle. Great size cup which allows your dink to last for awhile. It also It’s built to go anywhere and it fit 99 percent cup holders, This will keep my drinks colder longer then average or hotter so that is a plus if you don’t want your tea to get hot and keep your ice water cold when it’s hot outside especially summers. This cup is a good cup and also has 100% money back guarantee and lifetime warranty for defects so that is also great to have if something goes wrong you don’t have to spend more money on buying another.

Review by on April 27, 2016