I love, love , love this cup. It has held ice cubes for 4 hours tonight. And that is with me adding water to it. I love that is does not sweat. It is heavy and well made. I am sure it will last a long , long time. It has a sleek look. This cup will go everywhere with me. It will fit in my passenger cup hold on my motorcycle. It will be nice to go down the highway without a cup sweating and blowing on you. ( well when hot out, not so bad ) There is no after taste with it like with some plastics. I am not a big fan of plastic glasses or cups. I usually prefer glass so your drink tastes like it is supposed to. I do have another metal tumbler that I usually take on the motorcycle . And I paid dearly for it, It does not compare to this one. This holds more and stays cold way longer. Even with the ice melted the water is still very cold. I rarely drink anything hot. So not sure how long something would stay hot. But by the way it stays cold. I think it would stay hot also. It is hand wash, But the only dishwasher I have at my house is my husband. So that is ok

Review by on April 26, 2016