Now we know the negative consequences of reusable plastic water bottles. It is now a big trend to replace the pollution causing plastic with Eco-friendly choices. There are several choices present for the people who love the environment and nature. Time has gone when BPA containing bottles were dominant. This is time to focus on BPA—free bottles. There are numerous sustainable options available around. You have to focus on choices. Conflict of interest is present in the world. Scientific researches and studies are here to prove the benefits and negatives of various choices such as stainless steel bottles and glass bottles.


Studies showing negative impacts of Low Quality stainless steel highlighted the following risks.

  • Metal bottles may leach toxins such as BPA.

  • Bottles designed with aluminum but advertised as stainless steel may cause Alzheimer’s. These bottles also come with plastic coatings. This creates a risk of BPA leaching.

  • Metal bottles such as stainless steel bottles show rusting with the passage of time. This happens when metals react with acidic beverages.

In addition, productions systems or manufacturing procedures are not safe. There is a need to focus on the clean and Eco-friendly manufacturing systems. Most of the traditional stainless steel bottle manufacturers use chromium ores and nickel. Both are highly toxic and reactive. This point is not in favor of metal bottles but it doesn’t mean that all the metal bottles are dangerous. These are some common issues mentioned by users.


Advantages of Stainless Steel Water Bottle Produced by the Coldest Water:

There are numerous advantages of using metal (stainless steel) bottles if it is produced by a reliable manufacturer.

For example, the Coldest Water Bottles contain amazing features offering lots of advantages to the users. These water bottles are a product which has provided a new Eco-friendly approach to the athletes, bodybuilders, sportsmen, and laymen. This bottle has variable sizes. It is available in a vibrant shape and color scheme. This water bottle is healthy for your body and environment.

Glass Water Bottles:

Unlike stainless steel or metal bottles, the glass bottles are considered safer. No doubt, these bottles have no metal or BPA inside but these are heavy. This is the first point which limits the use of glass water bottles. On the other hand, glass bottles are not durable. These cant afford a little shock. There are so many points going in favor of glass water bottles but these are useless if there is no durability. Some of the top advantages of glass water bottles are given here.

  • Dishwasher safe.

  • No degrading.

  • No change in odor or taste of stored liquids.

  • 100 % recyclable.

  • Equally suitable for cold and hot fluids.

Fragility is the biggest drawback of these water bottles. A glass bottle is easy to break. You can’t go with glass bottles to many gyms, athletic facilities, hiking trails, and fun parties just because of highly fragility.



Based on the discussion, it is apparent that stainless steel Water bottles are better than glass water bottles. However, it is suggested to choose quality stainless steel bottles such as Coldest Water Bottles to take real advantage of impressive features.