Recruiting Part 1 | Invite a Friend to The Coldest Water Ambassador Team

We all have a best friend that we do everything together, whether its hiking, kayaking, running, you name it, we want them by our side.

We noticed that the power of friends is special, powerful, and that when two best friends work together, mountains can be moved. That is why the Coldest Water has made inviting your best friend to join the team easier than ever.

Their Benefit: 15% of every sale they make.
Your Benefit: 7% of every sale your friend makes for life.

The long term benefits of recruiting friends to join a team under you can be massive over years.

If you have that best friend in mind, visit here to get your unique referral link and simply share it with them.

Note: This link is different than your sales link and unique to you.

February 14, 2019 — Joseph Ahmad