I haven’t had my water bottle very long. Maybe a week. So far I really like it. I like how solid the bottle seems. It’s a bit heavy, however, that most likely is part of making it feel solid and will hopefully protect it if dropped. This will most likely happen under normal use. I was happy to see the list of things to know about the bottle I purchased. I have two issues I’d like to make note of:
1. The outer and lower part of the cap seems to be made of metal (at least on the outside). I live in Hawaii and always have ice in my water. Condensation accumulates solely on the metal covering. If Insulated, why does this happen? Because I live in Hawaii, rust is an issue. I didn’t realize there was metal on the outer portion of the cap. We have an issue with salt air and humidity,thus rust is an issue. A cap without outer metal would be a really good idea. Having to replace the lid every time could be an issue, as it doesn’t take long to see rust. Typical issue in tropical locations. Water replacement is super important in those places.
2. Now again to the issue of the lid. At some point the straw will need to be replaced. After snipping the tip, over time the straw will become too short and defeat the purpose of having one. Do you, or the company who makes the bottle, offer purchase of additional straws? If not, they should offer information as to what company makes a compatible straw.
I also wanted to note that when I’ve had the mouthpiece in the open position, water has not leaked out when accidentally tipped over.
Thanks for the opportunity to write a review. Always helpful!

Review by on March 17, 2016

May 22, 2016 — Shopify API