Sleep Problem: Tips for to Choose a Pillow

More than a third people of the world suffer from sleep disorders. Some of their sleep is partly related to their pillows. According to the experts that pillows are playing an important part for the human sleep. If people select a right pillow then they can sleep in a better without drugs.

According to the results of a survey conducted by the specialists, 40% of people believe they have sleep problems, and 22% of them even say they suffer from insomnia. If the causes of these disorders are multiple and differ according to the individuals, they should start by choosing well. It starts with bedding as it is an effective way to reduce the sleep disorder. This obviously involves the choice of mattress, but also the pillow, an element often overlooked. Here are some basic rules to help you find the best pillow that suits you.

Coldest Pillow


The Pillow Material:

There are several questions about it? Should I choose a synthetic or natural pillow? Feather pillows are no longer in demand. They are difficult to maintain (can’t be washed), allergenic for some people.

Foam pillows are more flexible, easier to maintain, and have better support capacity (provided they are of good quality). For people with the allergic terrain, prefer a treated synthetic material (hypoallergenic).

The Pillow Firmness:

Avoid pillows that are too thin and soft, that will not support your head, and those that are too firm because you may be poorly positioned during the night without realizing it. In both cases: cervical and back pain guaranteed upon awakening. Try to find a better pillow. But the best is still to try your pillow in the store because we all have our preferences in terms of firmness.

The Pillow Size:

The square pillow (65 x 65) is the standard format in some countries. However, it is not necessarily ideal as it takes a lot of room on the bed and therefore incites us unconsciously to bend; it is terrible for our neck!

The rectangular format (50 x 70), wider but less bulky, is suitable for people who move a lot: it allows turning easily during the night without the head is found next to the pillow. Finally, ergonomic pillows help to better support the cervical area, the most fragile area when lying down.

A Personalized Pillow According To My Habits:

I sleep on my stomach:

Choose a flat pillow so as not to break your neck and not arch your back. Even if it is very comforting, this position is rather misadvised because it favors the cervical pains. If you can’t do otherwise, make a habit of bending one leg with the knee back to your shoulder, which will force you to turn slightly to the side. The key is a reduction in neck and back pain.

I sleep on the side:

To respect the alignment of the spine, opt for a thick pillow that supports your neck, but does not lift too much your head either. This is a good position, provided that your back remains almost straight. You can fold your legs to the square (at an angle of about 90 °).

I sleep on my back:

The pillow should support your neck while keeping your head in line with your spine. Although they all agree more or less, ergonomic pillows are recommended when sleeping on the back. This is the ideal position! It opens the rib cage (beneficial for night oxygenation) and does not hurt your back.

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