The Best Coldest Water Bottle 1 Gallon in the Market

A human body is the best machine ever built on this planet. It is very interesting fact that human muscles are made of 75% of water content. The water is an inseparable part of human organs and very much important contributor in metabolic processes. Athletes and outdoor activists always pay special attention to their water intake along with diet. Water consumption is a vital part of dietary habits. We, at The Coldest Water not understand the importance of water but the significance of cooler water in body metabolism. We proudly present you our top product The Coldest Water Bottle 1 Gallon.


This Product Is Full Of Exciting Features, Which Are:

  • A highly customized structure which is unique.
  • Prepared with a special focus on athletes, players, hikers, and trekkers.
  • Designed to keep the water as it is in every aspect.
  • You get to drink the coldest water for 36 hours.
  • It does not sweat out moisture.
  • The Coldest Water Bottle 1 Gallon is available exclusively on the company website.
  • The water bottle is not very expensive.
  • $114.99 is not a big amount to spend for a high-class product.
  • It floats on the water so you can use it in pools or in lakes too.
  • 1 gallon (128oz) is the perfect size for all.
  • Durable yet lightweight water bottle.

What is a highly Customized Structure?

The structure of the bottle is a result of research and two registered patents. This is the only water bottle where you do not have to tip it above your head for drinking. The major technology evolution integrated into multiple cap technology which allows pouring and drinking function. The Coldest Water Bottle comes with multiple straws. Even if you break these or lose them, you get extra free straws if write to them. Isn’t it cool! Another cool feature is you can add ice cubes anytime without much of efforts. The company invested their resources for two years to get patent registered.


The Coldest Water Bottle 1 Gallon:

Standard 2.0 Lid is a flip top sturdy cap with strong handle; which means you can forget about any breaking or damage. Every bottle comes with a firm rubber grip with eye-catching texture. You can carry the coldest water bottle anywhere and however, you like. Just fill it with water and get the coldest water all day long.

The body of the Coldest Water Bottle 1 Gallon is in shiny black color and real stainless steel along with powder coating. It has a double walled cylindrical body which goes with almost everything. You can use it for even indoor activities like office, classrooms, seminars, project works and much more.

In the End:

The company is very confident about their product; hence they offer a lifetime warranty for manufacturing error. Please visit the website for ‘The coldest Water’ today and grab a piece of Coldest Water Bottle 1 Gallon for you. If you Google the company name then you can see all the promotional videos and persuasive photos. This will definitely make you buy your own Coldest Water Bottle. You can also check out other exciting products and cool offers.