Our pursuit of sweat proof water bottles happened because we are constantly having a temperature mismatch between the cold water in our bottles and the temperature that prevails where we are. A bottle which has the best insulation will not present any sweat because the temperature of the inside is completely sealed and there is no way that even a slight bit of that temperature can make its way outside. When the temperature spills out, it comes into contact with the air which makes the water vapor in air to condense into water. This is the reverse of what happens during evaporation. So, when you have a sweat proof water bottle, you do not have any dampness on the outside while the inside retains its cold temperature for quite a long time, without any leakage.

Our pursuit of sweat proof water bottles

Air contains particles that aid in condensation

While water vapor is a component of air, the presence of microscopic particles in air causes condensation in the clouds. When your water bottle is causing the air to condense, the bottle itself acts as the medium on which water vapor can get back to its liquid form. Our pursuit of sweat proof water bottles becomes very essential because we would not want to see the bottle acting as a magnet for the air in the atmosphere because of its leaky construction, which will finally result in the water that you are carrying inside the bottle to lose its temperature. Bottles that are built with a double layer with vacuum in between are able to totally stay clear of this fundamental problem.

Engineering the design to deliver 100% Insulation

Innovation of the highest standard has to be deployed all around the bottle from the interiors, exteriors to the mechanism that allows users to drink the water. This is what never sweat technology is able to deliver. At the same time, the bottle must not be too heavy. It must have a level of weight that allows it to float on water. The cap is prone to develop leaks and can be the weak link even in a bottle that has the body done well. If the cap is combined with an easy-to-carry mechanism and when it has the design elements to retain cohesion over continuous usage, you have a bottle that fits the bill. With cold water, you will be using big ice cubes to develop and retain the appropriate level of cold. When the bottle is made from double wall insulated steel, our pursuit of sweat proof water bottles achieves fruition. Such bottles were originally made for professional athletes. When you pick one of these sophisticated products, you will acquire the mindset of an athlete as you will always be in tune with the energy that is needed to be physically active. This is what cold water does to people. It gets them to feel extra energetic as it delivers a pure freshness that is hard to find elsewhere.

Ease of use is very important as is ease of carrying. You are bound to drop your bottles at times and the design has to be able to withstand these falls and also needs to be retaining its appearance. A bottle that has a used look is not quite the same as one that retains its appearances. As the coldest water has as much impact on your frame of mind as it has positive benefits for your body, the appearance of the product is paramount in keeping you motivated to have it around at all times.

Our pursuit of sweat proof water bottles

At home or outdoors, a bottle that does not show any effects

Whatever you are up to, whether working on your home computer or playing a game in your living room, you can bet there is nothing as stimulating as the coldest water. A bottle that allows you to keep this liquid elixir at hand without any sweat can serve as quite the essential tool even inside our homes if you are going to be working or playing for a long period of time. When you know that you have a bottle that is going to stay unaffected by the temperature and which is really a fully isolated environment on its inside, it makes for a very perfect ally. Our pursuit of sweat proof water bottles has led to a slow and consistent engineering evolution that has now served up bottles that have a whole bevy of engineering innovations. As we have access to these excellently engineered bottles, we can discover all that cold water has to offer us when it is partaken, other than the ones we have known by instinct such as what cold water can do when used on the exterior, to our hair and skin.

With such a sealed construction, another facet that you can be quite sure of is that there is not going to be any possibility of any dirt from the exterior environment ever making it into the inside. This might be a problem with a bottle that has a lid which does not have a solid engineering that is similar to the interior of the bottle. It is very necessary to have the lid as one continuous whole instead of having any mechanism that involves interplay between parts. This type of mechanism is bound to develop malfunctions leading to the bottle becoming useless. While it is a bit of an impossibility for dirt to get in from the outside, it will make the effort to carry the water a wasted one. Our pursuit of sweat proof water bottles is to create one that stays resilient and not one which does not have longevity.

Our pursuit of sweat proof water bottles

The lid might have BPA

While most bottles made of plastic are being rid of this compound, BPA might be a part of the lid. BPA is an organic compound that belongs to the diphenylmethane family. Diphenylmethane is made of methane and two phenyl groups. One phenyl group has the chemical formula C6H5. Of these six carbon atoms, five are bonded to the hydrogen atoms. The phenyl group almost resembles Benzene which has the formula C6H6. Methane is made of one carbon atom surrounded by four Hydrogen atoms. BPA or Bisphenol A, a member of the Diphenyl group, has been found to have certain properties that impact the body and its behavior. As a result, it has been barred from being used in bottles used by children. This compound might be a part of the lid on your bottle if it has a plastic formulation. When you opt for stainless steel bottles, you get a host of benefits with regard to sweat and also with regard to being free from BPA. While polyethylene is a plastic that does not contain BPA, stainless steel is way ahead in terms of durability and the insulation that can be created with a double wall.

Our water resources are under stress

Our pursuit of sweat proof water bottles is among one of the prime quests in our endeavor to have access to water at all times, especially in the coldest state possible. With regard to the availability of water itself in the U.S., there are quite a lot of dramatic changes that are taking place with the patterns of the weather. While the west has been faced with continuing challenges in recent years, demand has been rising across the country while sea levels have also been rising. In this context, the problems that are caused by fracking can be a severe one if they end up living up to the levels that are spelt out in dire warnings of the risks involved. Not only does fracking involve the utilization of water itself, it can lead to a lot of chemicals being left behind.

While the fracking industry has been impacted by the low prices of oil in 2014 and 2015, the practice has shown a spotlight on the problems that water shortage can cause. Changes in the temperature are leading to the drying up of water bodies around the U.S. The rise in global temperature seems to be having an effect far too sooner than had been expected. Given the increasing seriousness of the situation, it is more than about time that we started to look at how we consume water and how each of our daily actions are adding to the stress that the environment is under. Showers that emit an inessential amount of water as do flush toilets need to be redesigned urgently. In agriculture, cotton is a crop that needs quite a lot of water. As urban populations increase, the utilization of water is bound to increase.

Without adequate rain, we will slowly face a situation of food shortage. All of this is linked to the way that the water cycle carries on. When we throw more plastic into the ground, we are affecting the recharging of the water table. The kinds of garbage that we are generating and the kinds of energy that are needed to continuously produce goods makes up for a continuous reduction of the available resources. At least 40 states of the U.S. have reported problems with their water availability. While the Colorado river and Lake Mead are the prime sources of concern at the moment, problems can arise around the country.

Just like our pursuit of sweat proof water bottles is related to carrying our own water so that we do not need to purchase a plastic water bottle and then have to throw it into the growing pile of garbage, we need to adopt a lot of proactive measures that help us to contribute towards saving as much water as is possible. Before reaching a situation akin to California, we can help to contain the present situation in each state and the country as a whole. Water conservation is one of the prime issues in the twenty-first century.

At the individual level, sweat-proof bottles help us to relish the coldest water all through the day and to keep our appetite at bay. When we always have the coldest water at hand, we are able to keep hunger pangs under control which helps us to maintain our weight. The problem of obesity is also an equally prime story in the U.S. and around the world. As people have reduced their outdoor activities and as they spend more time in front of their computers, we have the problem of fitness reaching mammoth proportions. Cold water can help to keep us fit and sparkling as well as happy. When we have cold water in our hands in a simple yet ample bottle, we tend to feel like getting out more. As any discomfort that arises in the mind with the thought of going out for a walk or going to the gym, the thought of having a bottle that retains water in the coldest state is surely a great booster.

Just as technology has made it possible to achieve such a powerful bottle, technology can help us to overcome each of the challenges that we face with regard to the shortage of water and the recycling of all materials. What is needed is for us to get completely informed of the tasks in front of us. When we are aware of what exactly needs to be done, we are bound to get it achieved. A water bottle that contains the coldest water can be the best way to start out on this journey of responsibility as we set out to learn what the environment needs from us and what it does not need from us. While the government has been putting out the essential information through the web sites run by it, we are getting acquainted with the issues on an urgent basis as a result of the drought that has severely affected the west coast. While it may even be a temporary and cyclic phenomenon as some suggest, there is no harm in getting to know how we utilizes the water resources that we have. Our pursuit of sweat proof water bottles is indeed the right start.