Okay hands down the best tumbler I own this guy has gone everywhere with me since the day it came even if I am just running out to pick the kids up from school I will grab my cup ! Its that awesome and great !

The blue on black is a sleek eye catching combination ! I take this with me to my weekly meetings and all the girls ask me where it came from, with my diet plan I drink so much water I swear there are days that my insides are floating so a good cup is a major thing for me ! Let me tell you this thing is huge and it holds a crap ton of liquid and the huge big ice cubes that my kids have made me start making (idk what was wrong with small ice cubes but around here they have become taboo or something). We had one day where it was well in the 80s the kids wanted to go to the parks so I grabbed my cup and off we went. I had a lot to carry so I left it in the car for about 3 hours, when I got back I was sure that I was going to have a nice big drink of the warm water on a hot day that I am so used to ! NO NO NO my water was still ice cold in fact it still had ice cubes floating around I was in shock !!!!! I am pretty positive at this point there is no cup that can compare to this one there just is not !

Hot stuff I do drink coffee every single morning and no doubt by the time I get the kids out the door and the baby settled my coffee is always cold always what is worse then cold coffee I am convinced nothing nothing at all ! Well with this cup my coffee was not cold not even close in fact it was as hot as I poured it ! I cant say that it was still hot 3 hours later cause well it doesnt last that long but I can say it was hot way past what my normal daily tumbler does.

The only con I can find for this cup is the lid, I wish it was a slider some days but other days I am glad it isnt. Sliders can be a pain when driving but then again they do keep the liquid in the cup when I am forced to be a bit aggressive in my driving skills. This is a really insignificant thing for me which is why my star rating did not change due to it !

Review by on April 28, 2016