I have several stainless steel thermos drink bottles, and one coffee mug, but I like the look of this, and something to replace the plastic ice tea cup I’ve been using. I use the thermos bottles (16 – 20 z) when I go out, but for at home, I liked this cup better. (I NEVER use the same cup/mug/bottle for coffee and tea – even glass or stainless steel “can” retain some flavor potentially, and while I’d not notice it in my coffee, I most certainly would notice even a trace of coffee taste in my tea).

I was very much looking forward to receiving this The Coldest Water Stainless Steel Tumbler Cup Hydro Pint with Lid (take note it’s an Imperial pint: 20 oz). When it arrived .. minimally packaged, which was fine with me, I appreciate “green” efforts, first thing I did was wash it out and have some ice water in it. Wonderfully refreshing.

Later, I had some hot tea in it, and I finally had to take the lid off to assist in cooling to drinking temperature. It had been sitting about 90 minutes with lid on, and was still piping hot. After another half hour of sitting without the lid, it was very hot, but okay for sipping. I sipped it for the next two hours. So yes, it keeps drinks hot.

Next, I had some cold tea, from the refrigerator, but with no ice in it, Two hours later, it still was refrigerator cold (temperature in my room is about 72). In an indoor environment, I have no doubt with ice in it, this cup will keep drinks cold for 6 – 8 hours. In a hot outdoor temperature, 85 and above, perhaps 3-4 hours (filled with ice, then with cold beverage).

Other have mentioned that the lid is the weak point, and likely that is true, it’s not going to keep things as cold (or hot) as a totally closed thermos style, but it is also more attractive and convenient.

Review by on April 28, 2016