This. Cup. Is. Sweet! I’ve been coveting the cool and ultra-insulating double-walled insulated coolers, but I’ve always been the type to buck trends and fads. I’m the one who doesn’t wear or use most popular brand names unless quality truly justifies it. In short, I’m a rebel without a cause.

But I do have a major weakness… coffee. There isn’t enough coffee west of the Mississippi to quell the desire! Because of that I always (I mean always) have coffee in tow, but the only thing worse than not having fresh coffee is not having hot coffee. Old-style drink thermos cups just don’t keep the coffee hot. Thus my craving for one of these high-tech, high-quality, all stainless thermoses.

When it arrived in the mail I was like a kid opening a Christmas present. The cup arrived without a dent, scratch or scrap, so everything is great there. But does this puppy do what I want it to do? Oh yeaaaa! I put fresh brewed coffee in this thing and waited 2 hours… to my total surprise the coffee was still enjoyably HOT. After 2 hours no one can expect piping hot from a tumbler cup, but this one came very, very close. If I need to keep hot coffee longer then obviously a larger thermos-style container is the only way to go.

One of the reviews of this tumbler questioned the lid keep in mind that this one, like most of the other similar high-quality tumblers, is intended for traveling and access… so having a no-fuss lid while driving is a plus and much safer. And this lid is a very, very high quality lid, some the cheap brittle plastic-style lid you’re likely used to seeing. I own dozens (literally) of travel mugs and tumblers, and not a single one of them has this high of quality lid. But I do agree that a slider lid gives us the option of leaving it open or not, so adding one would be a huge selling point.

With that said, I agree that a sliding top lid like the one linked to below would definitely help keep drinks colder and hotter, longer. Maybe this replacement lid will fit… Replacement Lid with Retractable Sip Hole Cover for 20 Ounce Tumblers | Yeti Rambler Compatible (Smoke)

OK, I paused to go and measure and no, it doesn’t look like that lid above will fit since it’s smaller than The Coldest Water lid. But I’ll keep looking and maybe these guys at The Coldest Water can also try a find a replacement lid that offers slide protection. I’m not docking a star for this lid issue because 1) I knew what the lid was when I bought it, and 2) the most expensive name brand tumbler in this class comes with a similar lid… it is what it is.

This cup is made of stainless steel and from a very close inspection seems to be well made with smooth corners and edges. I’ve taken several photos so I hope it’ll give you a chance to see the actual cup inside and out, and also next to some coins for reference on it’s size… which seems perfect for me and should fit in all cup holders as claimed. I personally prefer this powder coated finish on the outside to the plain stainless look, which is just too “military-grade” for my liking.

I’ve spent some time trying to think of anything negative about this tumbler, and outside of the lid and the price, there just isn’t anything I could find. And I addressed both of these issues… most of these types of tumblers use this type of lid, and they all fall in this price range or higher… so those are non-issues for anyone looking for this style and quality of travel mug / tumbler.

Review by on April 25, 2016