The Coldest Water Stainless Steel Tumbler Cup Hydro Pint with Lid – Beverages Hot and Cold 3x Longer, Durable Double Wall Insulated Thermos Flask (Black)

‘ Great size!
‘ Fits in my cupholder
‘ Fits big ice cubes
‘ Keeps ice iceyyyyy
‘ Excellent quality
‘ Easy to clean
‘ durable

‘ None

This is an awesome cup and comes with a great top! It is perfect for water or coffee, which is what I have used it for. It is easy to clean and excellent quality. I love how durable it is, yes I have dropped it already. It keeps coffee hot and my water cold. Perfect since that is how I like my stuff! It will fit plenty of ice cubes and should fit in almost any cupholder!

Review by on April 28, 2016