In my opinion, $27.99 is a lot for a 20 oz tumbler, but a 20 oz Yeti tumbler is currently $42.75 on Amazon. I am amazed at how great this stainless steel tumbler works. My husband used it yesterday for hot coffee. He filled the cup at 6:30am and at 9:30am it burnt his tongue! We are so shocked that this tumbler was this effective! Today I used it for iced coffee and left it in the 85+ degree car and the ice was still solid for over 4 hours. I could not believe it! This tumbler is incredible. If you’re thinking about buying a Yeti and want to save about $15, you should buy this! It is incredible! I would absolutely buy this again and would certainly order these for others and recommend them to friends and family. I already told my mom she had to buy one! She’s always struggling with having cups not keep coffee hot if it needs to be hot or cold if it needs to be cold.

If you’re thinking about buying one of these, do it!!!

Review by on April 28, 2016