I am such a fan of the stainless insulated cups I jumped right on the “Yetti” bandwagon when everyone else did. I personally do not like the size of the Yetti’s as they are to large for me to hold. Looks like I am trying to smuggle a 2 liter drink in it. When I seen the The Coldest Water Stainless Steel Tumbler Cup Hydro Pint 20 oz with Lid – Beverages Hot and Cold 3x Longer, Durable Double Wall Insulated Thermos Flask (Black) by The Coldest Water. I was intrigued at the design as well as the lovely eye catching black and blue elements of the cup. This cup… Oh I absolutely love everything about it!!! I love how it fits in my hands , I love how it keeps my drinks sooo cold and I do not have to worry about keeping a napkin under it due to it “sweating”. I am not a hot beverage drinker so I cannot comment on how well it works with hot beverages, but I can say it sure does do it’s job at keeping things ice cold!! The clear top on this cup fits so snug and I have found myself taking this cup with me at bedtime and putting it on my night stand. Come morning I still have ice cold water!! Ikr!?! I couldn’t believe it either. I have gave away my Yetti cup because the Coldest Water cup is the only cup I use now. I also took this to the beach with us this past weekend and I had several people ask me about my cup, as well as where I got it. I plan on purchasing more of these for the rest of our family because we do take a lot of trips and this would eliminate any need to keep refilling our cups to make our drinks “colder”.

Review by on May 3, 2016