How to know when to change mattresses? This question has already crossed your mind? We finally give you the answer!

Even if you are used to cleaning it regularly, it is important to renew your mattress after a certain time to maintain maximum hygiene and well-being. The USA brand Coldest Mattress gives you all its tips to help you know if you need to replace your bedding.

Why Do I Need To Change my Mattresses?

Most of the people renew their bedding between every 10-14 years on average; specialists recommend changing every eight to ten years for several reasons:

-The renewal of is essential for your comfort and your health. According to a study, 80% of American people believe that quality bedding has an impact on health. Sleeping on an old mattress has repercussions on the body. It creates aches, backaches, cervical and several other health problems.

-Change mattresses are also a question of hygiene. A person loses about 30 centiliters of water a night. The mattress, therefore, absorbs several liters of water over the years which can alter the properties of the foams that compose it.

It is, therefore, a product with a limited life, it is important to monitor the signs of degradation!

Listen to your body and be attentive to the signs of wear of your bedding.

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If you recognize yourself in one of these situations, it’s time to change your mattress:

Situation 1:

It’s been several years since you are using, it begins to have hollow and recently you feel the slats or the springs? This means that the foam that composes it collapses. The sagging of materials is perfectly normal; a mattress can’t remain totally intact throughout its life. On the other hand, when the sagging is non-uniform and deep, it creates, eventually, bowls, which force your body to adopt a sleeping position called compensation. This position may cause back pain and restless nights.

Situation 2:

Recently, you have allergy symptoms that you did not have before. It is possible that an accumulation of dust and dust mites occurs between your mattress and your bed frame. The problem comes from the ventilation. The older the bedding is, the less it is able to breathe optimally. In the long run, this will prevent you from sleeping properly.

Situation 3:

Remember this last night on the mattress; you woke up rested and relaxed. But since your nights are short, your sleep was not restful and it makes you suffer? Over time, your body changes and you bought a few years ago is no longer suited to your needs. So why not choose a quality cooling mattress at home?

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Your Bedding Can Also Give You Some Clues:

Case 1:

Your bedding creaks recently? These noises can come from your mattress! If it creaks or creaks as you move, it means it is getting old. Sleeping on it may cause back pain.

Case 2:

A few hours after waking up, you discover that the imprint of your body is perfectly embedded in your mattress. This means it has lost its resilience, so it’s hard to regain its shape once you get up.

Case 3:

When you sleep together, you may feel the movement of your partner. Sleeping independence may not be optimal anymore.

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How to Choose Your New Mattress?

You know now when to change mattresses! Here is some more information that will be useful when you choose.

When choosing your new mattress, make sure that the materials used are sufficiently breathable to overcome water absorption problems.

When you test it, do not stand still, test the independence of sleeping (so try it with two) and the different positions in which you are used to sleep to experience the comfort and maintenance of the mattress. The ideal course is to test it in real conditions, at home, for several nights.

Also, pay attention to the mattress guarantee. There are two types: the full guarantee and the degressive (warranty terms and conditions) are an applicable guarantee. The first does not change over time and covers manufacturing defects for example. The second, as its name indicates, is based on a repayment that depreciates over the years.

Good to know: It is important to monitor the condition of the slats of your bed base as they can also wear out over time.

December 01, 2018 — Shane