Would not you sleep better knowing that your room is as environmentally friendly as it can be? Sleep well while preparing your room with these tips.

3 ways to create a cool and Eco-friendly bedroom

1- Make an Ecological Bed:

Buying a used wooden bed base is an economical decision that is respectful of the environment.
Used bases are usually cheaper and older bases are often made of high-quality wood that is no longer available.
If chemicals were used in production, the emission levels will now be safe. Make sure the bed is not coated with lead paint.
The natural Coldest Mattresses are light, antibacterial, they offer a lot of support, they do not house mites and they can last up to 25 years.

The Coldest Weave Technology – Polyethylene Waterfall zipper cover – Surface Area

Imbued Coldest Memory Foam – 3″, 2.5 lb

The Ridge Airflow System – Three Zone Contour Cut – 8″, 1.5 lb

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Cool to the touch. Not freezing cold, don’t worry

Not require any power or electricity.

Sleeping Experts recommend to use with thin breathable sheets or The Coldest Sheets that are coming soon.

Firmness Rating:

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the firmest, The Coldest Mattress rates as a 7. It’s a soft yet firm mattress, which makes it most optimal for athletes and high performers.

It provides help for bad backs, stomach sleepers, as well as for those who are looking for a cooler, better nights rest.

Fire Retardant:

Passes federal flammability and CPSC standards

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2- Choose a Bed That Is More Respectful of the Environment:

Choose natural fiber sheets derived from environmentally friendly sources.
Consider woolen blankets instead of a duvet. The wool is particularly good at holding heat and using three or four blankets allows you to adjust the coverage according to the temperature.
Select pillows containing natural materials. It is better to select Coldest Pillows or Coldest Wedge Pillows.

Place a natural fiber mattress protector, such as wool or cotton, around or above your mattress during the day. This will help absorb sweat, protect you from dust mites in the mattress and can make a mattress more comfortable.

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3- Keep Air ventilation Air in the Bedroom:

Keep furnishings to a minimum so that you can remove dust easily and vacuum regularly.
Choose furniture with wood from a sustainable source. Check that varnishes and stains are low in toxicity and biodegradable.
Refresh the air in the room by opening the windows every day.
Pull the blankets each morning to air the sheets for a few hours. This will help evaporate perspiration and get rid of mites.
When changing sheets, air mattresses for a while. Vacuum the mattress and spray a solution of eucalyptus oil to minimize dust mites.
Hang your bedding in the sun for three hours to eliminate dust mites and mold.
If dust or dust mites continue to be a problem, remove carpets, heavy curtains, padded headboards, and cushions. Consider storing clothes in another room.

Good Night Start with Cooling Mattress and Cooling Pillow:

A good night starts with clean, comfortable bedding with Cooling Mattress and Cooling Pillow. Think about the choices you make to make sure your room is as environmentally friendly as it can be.